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100 thoughts on “Black team asked to move to appease racist patron

  1. Got to point the ppl out…not to be retaliated against but if they move to another restaurant, for all minorities to just avoid that restaurant…it would all be fair since they are ok with people asking not to sit next to minorities for minorities to engulfs them by avoiding them!
    Clear separation is the answer for some! Let’s pls give it to them!

  2. Management didn't handle this scenario correctly…. They should have told the racist man, if he didn't want to sit near a black person, to gather his food and go outside…. This reminds me of the commercial where the white lady didn't want to sit next to the black man on the airplane and informed the Flight Attendant if she could move to another seat… The Flight Attendant, instead of moving the lady, upgraded the Black Man to 1st Class and left her in coach.

  3. Perhaps we should bring back Jim Crow laws….BUT IN REVERSE! Have an AMERICAN side and then a RACIST/DEPLORABLE side with the shit service, dirty plates and broken chairs. "Oh, you have an issue with the people sitting here because of their color, ethnicity or whatever?…. Cool. No problem, let's sit you right next to the dumpsters in these broken chairs."

  4. America foundation is racism, terrorism and slavery how can they do better! America can't make it in the 21st century it's stuck on stupid that's why it will be destroyed.


  6. Simple answer from the server. "We do not discriminate nor cater to or condone discriminatory behavior towards any of our customers who choose to spend their money with us. Everyone deserves a great dine in experience…" Simple….

  7. Now these young people are SEEING what's happened to their forefathers, which is why the "N" word shouldn't be slung around like a ping pong ball. Glad BWW,banned the man.

  8. I don't spend my money at no place but, the grocery store. All those places sell only genetically modified food.

  9. How soon we forget. There was another story just like this about a year ago, turned out to be bullshit, with video, audio and all. This sounds very fishy. I refuse to believe 1 side of this report just because the media hypes it. They sell division for views, which equals profit. I'm Not a racist but I Am a realist.

  10. I just don’t understand what is wrong with people.
    I can’t begin to understand how this felt for the children involved, I hope that they are surrounded by love in every other part of their lives and don’t let this experience taint how they go on to treat others as they grow up.
    Respect also to the coach for acting in such a measured way and setting a wonderful example to those young people.

  11. Hey teach all kids this when someone asks if someone should ever ask what race are you you tell the kids or grown ups to respond with their is only one race THE HUMAN RACE 🤴🏿👸🏿🙏🏿👍🏼👍🏿🖤❤💥😎💪

  12. From a white Irishman (the fact I have to specify my colour here hurts), fuck these people, they don't speak for me. Fucking hate racism.

  13. Fired the black employees (fair enough – fucking spineless).. but have not revoked that specific customers continued patronage?

  14. I think it was wrong what happened to those kids but some of you people commenting on here are hypocrites because i know some of you are Trump supporters and are the same ones screaming "send the Mexicans back and build the wall" so you are just as worse as the racist in the restaurant, hypocrites….

  15. Can’t IMAGINE going out to eat with friends and restaurant asks what race my group is…IT WOULD HAVE BEEN MCDONALDS AFTER THAT. And I hate McDonald’s

  16. Im black and in the South,and I took up for a white male customer just last week when I was a customer myself at a fast food restaurant in line,and I just don't want to call their ccompany name out. A black lady was the manager who pretty much was making him wait to order on purpose,and he was in his work clothes. It was around 7 a.m in the morning that given time,and after waiting around 10 minutes he politely asked what was the hold-up. She went off on him,and said dont talk to me like that and said he was lying about waiting,and he didnt ever come to her like that at all. I stepped in and took up for him,and it made her madder bc it was the truth and he didn't even argued back and she said she can do what she wants bc she is the manager. She refused to take my order,and said she was calling the Cops and other people around were shaking their heads and said out loud to us that they saw the whole thing and will be witnesses. I was not worried about the law,and I even said this is why some white people treat us like this in society bc some blacks are racist themselves. The guy appreciated me taking up for him,and the other manager gave me my food for free and said I'm sorry about that . Anyhow I left and this was just last Monday. Today she just apologized,and said it was her fault,which I did accept the apology Racism goes both ways for sho,so respect anyone who felt being a victim of racism unless proven otherwise plain and simple. I feel this story sticks,because I have seen this happened before more then a few times and it's so sad. 🙁 That other customer obviously was a regular,and felt too "free". Smh.. I hood these guys find justice and peace! Anyhow I love all races of people,and you missing out on learning from each other if you a racist so the jokes really on you!

  17. People! This will continue. It's going to get worse. Sign of the times! Many have already decided to walk with Satan! God is not of hate. This man is lost! He cannot possibly know God with this type of behavior. Pray for people like him. Give it to God! God Bless!

  18. Even if there were Black MAGAs in that group, they would STILL support Trump, and somehow justify the incident.

  19. This is despicable. I an so sad that Trump has given racists empowerment. We have the KKK in the WH. I am a white woman. We need to be watchful and stand up for our brothers and sisters and not tolerate this hateful racism.

  20. People act so surpised when they see racism in the "North" like it doesn't exist there. After having spent almost a decade in Chicago; racism is very prevelant in the "North". The only difference between the "North" & "South" when it comes to racism is, in the "North" they are covert with their racism; while in the "South" they don't care about their racism and ignorance being out for the world to view. This is AmeriKKKa.

  21. This is why i don't eat at white own kitchens!They put shit in food and don't wash they're nasty ass hands!So i don't like they're nasty food!Freak Buffalo nasty wings!

  22. I hope they receive a huge law suit that puts them out of business. Is the ACLU on top of this. They better be.

  23. Boycott will not work, because the racist whites will not boycott it. I say organize a huge group of people, like 10 people, all of different races and ethnicity, but of mostly black, to eat there. Do it regularly.

  24. Chicago… how do white people who are that insecure around blacks people decide to stay in places where there are lots of black people. It like a sick obsession with harassing black people.

  25. Way to make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. PEOPLE LIKE that HATE FILLED idiot slows the growth of this GREAT country. So does his Sympathizers.

  26. WOW NEWS! We the ppl want news! I’m glad I don’t look for VALIDATION. This has to be fake, isn’t the stereotype that we are loud, no cell phone video? NOTHING!

  27. Example of the racism but never went away it bubbles back up to the top once you have little Hitler Donald Trump in there the racist bigots think that they have a free pass of racism just an example of racism at its slimiest.

  28. this was stupid the host should've known better and should've ignored the racist if he didnt like sitting near "non-whites"(because people like that dont stop at being a dick to one race) or informed him that he was welcome to leave if it bothered him so much but all that aside i have a question………………………is that Teal'c from SG1?…………cause that looks like Teal'c from SG1

  29. They are always talking about retraining. Why do they think that will change racist behavior? That is deeply rooted hate.

  30. This is so sad. All over America this kind of Bad Behavior is becoming common place. I'm SHAMED TO BE WHITE. 😢😢

  31. "Sensitivity Training" is a bullshit prepackaged go to response for corporate America to throw out when something like this happens. They a note from Starbucks.

  32. Sensitivity Training is a smoke screen. These are adults in leadership positions which means they were sought for those positions because they were capable of making wise decisions. Cops don't need sensitivity training and neither do these managers. They knew the racist was wrong from the jump but they still asked the party of black people to leave for the bigots comfort. Establishments probably need to post somewhere in their store "If you are a bigot then we do not want your business."

  33. Firstly, the man is entitled to his feelings no matter how much of a Neantheral he is and blinded by stupidity. The actual culprits here are the employees that indulged the man and his inferiority complex. I blame the establishment for holding the man accountable for their practice of the racism and laying it at his doorstep. They allowed him to voice his displeasure of being around Blacks previously and never denied him service. The only reason why the restaurant took this step is because of the negative publicity. He was allowed to be a bigot every other time and nothing was done about it from the management team. When staff members know how you feel about certain things or people then you have expressed it to them before. You can not teach someone how to be sensitive unless you place them in the hot seat to feel the same pain they place on others. His face should be plastered everywhere so we all know who the idiot truly is!

  34. See! Only God knows 🤣🤣🤣 why this doesn’t happen to me because they would’ve had to shut the ENTIRE restaurant down for good when I got through with them!!!! 🤷🏾‍♀️

  35. and ironically, Buffalo Wild Wings is now under scrutiny for the chemicals used in cleaning which caused the death of at least 2 employees.

  36. Listen my fellow black people, cook your own food and avoid these meat loaded with the chemicals and other poisons. This is what is killing you. No sympathy for these guys.

  37. Your enemies will become your footstools. Well something like that. Not all that into the King James's…

  38. They just waited on someone like Trump to let them lose. What these WS don't understand is Black people aren't the same Black people of the 50's and 60's. Come for Black people like they did then. Different outcome.

  39. White people are plain racist
    It is their culture. Racism is what they are as (a thought) from conception continuing though pregnancy and birth. From the crib to the grave. Racist born .Racist die.

  40. My brother, you will need to articulate your thoughts a tad more clearly than you're doing here.
    Elaborate in full where warranted and such.

  41. If all blacks stop buying their shitty wings they'd go out of business. To do that to children 😒 I'll never eat there ever again. Sorry doesn't cut it for me 😒

  42. BWW is the worst excuse for food that I have ever had the misfortune to ingest…McD's nuggets are far better. Even tho I will never go to another BWW, I will never, ever go to a BWW and I will protest anyone of my friends who dare to eat at this SHITHOLE. FUCK EM AND FUCK THE OWNERS. oh and DOUBLE FUCK THE EMPLOYEES WHO GAVE LIFE TO HIS HARASSMENT.

  43. This is the results of Trump world!!!
    Absolutely EMBARRASSING and shameful😡
    This is 2019, I cant believe how many un evolved and ignorant people in this country.

  44. People don’t understand when you live your entire life dealing with bullshit like this . Wake up call they need too be black for 24 hrs just too see what it feels like, maybe there perspective on life mite be different .People somehow forget that you don’t have a choice of your race creed or color when your born 🧔🏽👱🏻‍♂️👩🏽‍🦱🧒🏻🤔

  45. 20 years from now it will be the same shit. Jealousy is the HATE that fuels racism. Our BIG BLACK DICKS is why we're hated.

  46. People who are racist are to blame for their actions against others…such ignorance but dont let all the blame fall on them , lets not forget nobody is born a racist. Blame the parents and their parents for raising the kids in such ignorant ways.

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