BBC World Asia Business Report features LifeCell

BBC World Asia Business Report features LifeCell

And now for the Third Installment in our Business of Birth Series and has Been Running across the BBc all this Week and Today
We turn to India and the Controversial Topic of Stem-Cell?
Banking for The Use of Stem Cells is Still being Researched but in The Future it Expected that These cells Which are our
Master Cells will be used to treat A host of
Genetic Disorders and To Help Rebuild Damaged tissues
Some Companies Are Taking Advantage of that and Are Making good Money by offering the Banks Stem cells but it is Money
Well Spent when The Benefits are Still Unclear?
to Ranjana Tiwari went to find out
Moments after Entering the World This Baby, girl, May Have Already Saved Another life
her stem Cells are being Harvested from the Blood in her Umbilical Cord
Stem Cells Are Already being Used to treat some Diseases and With Hundreds of Trials underway
Globally One day They Could be used to cure a range of Genetic Disorders
This Is the Best Time to harvest stem Cells Rather
Than A Painful Procedure Later in Life and Because of the Size of India’s Population There’s Huge Potential for stem Cell Banking
But more People need to do what’s Happening Here in The Accounts for 20% of the world’s Population but mice Than
1% of Stem-Cell Donors Come From Here
That Means the Chances of Indians Finding a suitable Match are Extremely low
Awareness is Growing Though
India’s Largest Bank Lifestyle Has A Customer Base of Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand People
Fifty Thousand of Them Signed Up last Year Alone and as the Business Expands Prices have come Down it
costs Just over A Thousand Dollars to Have cells Collected and Stored at This Facility for 75 Years
But that’s Still a high cost for the average Indian
Especially When the Chances of being able to use your own stem Cells for treatment are Less Than?
So far the Sensors will be Reserved by the Family for Their Own Private use the Benefit
Was only Limited to the baby but Now we’ve Made a Model wave Parents Can
Share Their Stem Cells With the Community at large and what that does is Increases the Benefit not Just the Baby but
Also the Baby Sibling Babies Parents and also the babies Grandparents it’s a Multi Fold Increase in Benefits
Experts Agree That Sharing Stem Cells in A Bank will Increase the Chances of Finding a, Donor
Exponentially the Concept of Community Banking Encourage First-Time Parents Swapnil and Pooja to Bank Their Baby, Stem Cells
If You Decided to go for the stem Cell Thing and
We are very lucky that you know
We are doing something good for my baby it will the Film Held the Babies in Future
and Although Skeptics Say The medical Science Is only in the very Early Stages
Parents Are Willing to Take a chance and Pay The Price to Potentially Protect Their new Arrivals
Surround Anitha Wari BBC News Mumbai and Join Us in the Conversation online, we’re asking Whether it’s stem Cell Banking Is A

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