BBC News 2 – The Silent Child

A six-year-old girl from Wiltshire could
be nominated for a BAFTA and an Oscar
after winning an
international award in America.
Maisie Sly who is profoundly deaf was
chosen to play the lead role in
The Silent Child. The film came away with two awards
at a festival in the U.S and has now been
put forward for the biggest prize of all.
Andy Howard’s been following
Maisie’s amazing story.
She left home in Swindon
as an excited schoolgirl and returned
from America as an award-winning actress.
What a summer holiday.
The trip included Maisie’s first time on a plane which was exciting enough in itself.
Although the glitz and glamour of all
this jet-setting can wear off quite quickly.
Most performers spend their
whole life hoping to be mentioned in the
same sentence as the Oscars or BAFTA’s –
Maisie Sly has managed that at the age
of six after her first film having never acted before.
“She is normal – she’s just deaf”
“Do you think she’ll get a job one day”
“Yeah, I think she’ll have a
career in whatever she likes”
“Oh god bless her”
She was chosen from
hundreds to star in The Silent Child,
A short film about a family struggling to
come to terms with having a daughter
who is deaf.
Points West were there as
Maisie’s school surprised her with a
screening. The film won awards in the U.K
and qualified for the Rhode Island International
Film Festival in the States where she’s
just won Best Actress.
And the film won the grand prize.
That means The Silent Child
will now officially be considered
for an Oscar and a BAFTA nomination
Maisie the movie star who certainly got
the Hollywood look already
Andy Howard BBC points west
Amazing we’re really proud of you Maisie.

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