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100 thoughts on “Archeology – exploring the past with modern technology | DW History Documentary

  1. Germans were and are always ahead in field of research and technology. Thank you Deutsche Welle for uploading such data, from Pakistan.

  2. is acid rain eroding aways these ancient relics in conjunction with green house gasses and carbon emmissions today?

  3. Um, ladies, you know even if I were living in 4000BC, I would still recommend a third wheel on the front of that thing instead of shoulder straps, thank you Sumerians. And since its 2019, I would recommend some spring shocks for all of the wheels, maybe better/more consistent results?

  4. European archeology is very often stupid I think. Just because they look old and ancient they think it's old and ancient and assume they are important when in reality in most cases they are made by unskilled and untalented people from the past often with poor materials. It's fortunate technology will give them proeper help they need. So hard to credit most of these discoveries.

  5. don't wanna put a dome back where it belongs because -insert story here-.
    meanwhile it'll sit in that attic. that's part of the story.
    for a scientist, he ain't too bright.

  6. When I see European natural land I can but notice the absence of forest and so few trees .
    A Canadian .

  7. PC Yellow vests worn in open fields devoid of dangerous trucks and cars? Otherwise a fun and enlightening DW Documentary.

  8. Ex ploatation of mind modern man with manufractured histori made to order,.,.?,., the new ONE,.,all in one and one in AIl,., spot,., the dif,,., eran ti ,., all.,.,

  9. Wow, this is such a fascinating video! It drives me crazy the woman keeps saying "lodge" instead of "large". At 1st I thought it was Troi from Star Trek: The Next Generation but realized she would know that Data is not pronounced as "Dotta". LoL

  10. This explains the strategy of the US strategy to destroy our true history. Thank you, again!
    Teresa 🙏❤️😇❤️🙏

  11. Ya that's good they are looking into the history! But lots of time they just want to talk about evil Egyptians and pyramids! Sure it's all cool 😎 stuff! But why is it always about that! Don't we see enough triangles hand signs🔼🔼🔼 on the TV 📺 and Hollywood! Omg 😲 .. Lol 😆 but to be fair I didn't get to watch the whole video! But I will! Thanks for the video 📹 … 💒⛪⛪⛪

  12. all this ancient sites have been there longer then anyone thinks they have been there. its all refind and reinvent .

  13. Human advanced civilization has been reset over and over throughout history. We aren't the only civilization to have advanced to this point

  14. ¡Muy bueno como siemprre!
    First of all, your impecable diction is very importan for us who english is not our native laguage.
    Second: When the bucks appear, we will be in first row to join your expeditions.

  15. I think man as been here a lot longer than anyone will ever know more advanced then what we could imagine,the cycle as an will repeat it self.

  16. I did some home archilology in vr and founds some cool things on google earth. Ive lost the images but around the island close to quatar there are arrows under the ocean pointing at the sea. They appear to be ancient and their space is being consumed by artificial islands. I also found more animals in the nasca plains of peru one being a strange tree or tree animal that i havent seen on any nasca line mainstream depiction.

  17. Very well done! It’s wonderful that we have scientists who bring deep and missing history for all of us.

  18. Everything that they shall find, shall only show and prove that the German are intruders to this region as invaders and North Babarian, who raided the Mohrs in their natural ancient Europe. The world is black.

  19. It's a remarkable documentary! I truly did appreciate it so much. Thanks a lot for sharing! Keep it up!

  20. It is because they thought ancient civilization dont have the technology. If they are that ancient, how come they can build skycrapping monuments.

  21. The Treasures would have been better off left buried so they could not be destroyed by the raiders,who brainlessly destroy their own histories past! Bcos you cannot keep it safe,you must leave it be!

  22. Watching this documentary makes me realize again why I am spending 50 hours behind a screen as a graduated archaeologist.

  23. this data needs to be available for free to the public in some sort of archive……our history belongs to us.

  24. I am watching the your lesson s. Im deep a prissier This lessons I am CP I am disabled and I cannot staying in the abraded thank you so much for your support and your team program thanks a lot.

  25. What the hell?? I'm 2 minutes in and then there's an add which lasts for 5 minutes with no skip option?? Sake DW.

  26. Awesome upload. Thank you so much. In a side not and I probably should not say this but anyways…. To assume that these king's and Queen's of Ireland had no written language is exactly that an assumption. Just because they have not found any written language does not mean that they hadn't any! These people are known to be great writer's and artists. The English, in their bid for global domination most probably destroyed everything that they could destroy. Peace.

  27. I love that they think out of the Box with new technology

    but the got a long ways to go there very mature and I can see why
    people are quite often upset with their videos
    and I really don't need all the Background music
    but I do appreciate people's work anyway
    it is not conclusive it is just a perspective
    let's keep that in mind
    I have really funny stories about GPS and it seems to be repetitious thing that everything is a temple and everything is a Grave but I know people that study things that are only Ancient structures that are only 200 years old and there built with more resistant material and they don't hold up this well

  28. I see more fuckin ads on YouTube than on TV I cant even listen to something before a fu kin ad pops up. YouTube can suck itself

  29. i am so keen on underwater subsurface scanning. i want to know what went on along the coasts of a world where the sea level was lower. migration, settlements, technologies…we will see so much once we get there. coastal migration along the americas, the pacific, doggerland and so on….

  30. 34:47
    How could a true archaeologist say this? His judgement is clearly clouded by blinded patriotism.

    Yes the German banker did buy the dome and bring it to Germany, but is that story more significant than the Alhambra itself? That banker was just doing what many rich people were doing at the time: buying up exotic, ancient artifacts for their own vanity.

    The dome belongs to Alhambra, ORIGINALLY. It's a piece of history that was taken away. This documentary was good until that part, it's pure propaganda.

  31. Help me out. You know in case an archeologist from the future is reading this. Why are they "self-proclaimed" Druids, but Christians are just Christians. Also, why are sites "destroyed" when they're in Syria but "vanished" when in the UK? There's weird bias all over the place in this.

  32. The destruction of Syria, its people, and the present international obliviousness is so shameful that priceless ancient artifacts are forever lost. Every government should be responsible for virtually recording all the manmade history so that everyone everywhere can experience them for all time. That should be part of UNESCO's initiatives.

  33. In India,Tamil nadu,keeladi village. கீழடி,தமிழ்நாடு.2600years(600BC) old historic tamil civilazation found.its tamil language.more than that 6000 new materials found now in 1/2acrs(50cents) out of 100acrs site,remains not done.excavation research process going on now.they got romen historic things also.its will going to change the history of the world soon.

  34. Find me one archaeologist that knows how to pronounce archaeologist for that matter find me one architect 23 million years ago somebody learn how pronounce words

  35. Germans are the rudest and most selfish people in the world they ain’t giving shit back to anyone even if they stole it .

  36. Between sexual motivations and fear of death is critical worries avoided and laughed hysterically hopelessly.

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  37. I will quote only historians who studied their entire lives…Only if interested..Rothman, quoted said…''All that was known in Mesopotamia came from Armenia and that Armenia is the absent fragment in the entire mosaic of the ancient world's civilization's construction. H.V. Hilprecht(1859-1925) a
    Clark research professor of Assyriology and scientific director Babylonian
    expedition at the University of Penn. argue that the Hittite tongue is Armenian
    and the Hittites themselves were of Armenian stock… All civilization came
    from The Armenians Highlands. What do other historians say…according to
    Anthropologist Mitchell S. Rothman regarding the extent  of discoveries
    and specially on the quality of horse bones proved, According to him, that it
    was from the Shangavit Armenian 6000 years ago that the culture of that area
    spread around to the ancient world..according to Ellis (1861)  through language analysis we
    observe that under the names of Phrygians, Thracians, Pelasgians and Etruscans
    spread westward from Armenia to Italy and Elis claimed that the closest
    affinities of the Aryan element are the Armenians ..other historians that agree
    are..Hellenthal, Busgy, Brand, Wilson, Myers and Falush…Professor Jensen also
    says.  ‘For almost everything that is known in the Hittite language is Old
    Armenian in form..Historian Sayce (1845-1933) also consider Hittite and Armenian to be one and
    the same’.    also if interested…let me quote Merrick (2012)
    All religions are descended from and ancient Vedic cosmology described in the
    Rib – Veda, originating in Armenia near Mt. Ararat at least 6800
    ys ago and the basic concepts of a transcendental mountain extending into space
    and populated planet Star-gods were developed…he further
    says…This Astrotheology then migrated with Armenian Aryans to found the
    Sumerian Ethiopian/Egyptian and Indian civilizations and religions…from Language as
    a fingerprint Setyan…also  if interested…..

  38. Add more commercials,matter of fact why dont you dump the video and just have all commercials,,,put you on my do not watch user list

  39. "No written language, before written language, no written language…" This refrain just rings completely untrue to me: these people had the ability to plan, gather the resources, and construct incredibly accurate, geometrically-aligned processional roads, carve out stone burial chambers, and build mounds that are monumental in size – but had NO ABILITY to pre-plan them using a diagrammatic, written instruction set, or to use any kind of written instructions for the people quarrying the stones, cutting the processional, determining in advance the amounts of resources needed to feed the builders, and all of the other tasks required to perform all of these feats, on this incredible scale. Please – it not only strains credulity – it is just…impossible, to do all of this with verbal language alone. Absence of writing does NOT mean they didn't have a written language. How many of our BILLIONS of paper books will still exist 6,000 years from now, when OUR civilization is rust, dust and a few remaining structures, like (perhaps) remnants of OUR few megalithic building projects, like the Hoover Dam, or Mount Rushmore? It won't mean, to future archaeologists who are (after our civilization is torn to pieces by the next cataclysm, and buried beneath hundreds of feet of water and/or dirt), that we didn't HAVE a written language – it just means all of it (or most of it) was written on a PERISHABLE medium. If they used animal skins, or paper from trees, reeds, or whatever – unlike the Sumerians, and the Egyptians (a dry, hot climate that preserved many papyrus scrolls) and who used STONE and baked clay tablets to preserve their language, then it would all have been gone long ago. Any literature that we are now preserving in digital form, believing that we are preserving it 'forever' will be LOST FOREVER if a world-wide cataclysm occurs (or rather, WHEN it occurs), when the computers and computer media that we are preserving it on simply turn to rust and dust. How long will computers, disk drives, CD's and Blu-Ray disks, survive? Not long. It just seems impossible to me that a culture that could plan this well, and with such complexity, would have no written language with which to communicate what had to be done, and was done – written communication – of some sort, seems to me to be an immediate (or nearly-immediate) outcome of the development of a verbal language, and the need to use symbols to represent and preserve that verbal language. These people WERE US – they were not stupid brutes, but obviously people of high intelligence – and such a people could NOT produce the things they did without a written language, with which to communicate their plans, and to implement them as time progressed. Look harder – or perhaps it is lost forever. But I, for one, am simply not buying it, every time archaeologists discover achievements like those presented here, and then say…"but they had no written language…" because they see no signs of it. The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

  40. I have always found it fascinating that these ancient peoples who were so obviously aware of their place in the cosmos made structures , circles within circles that resemble spiral galaxies.

  41. Great explanation and examples of modern, nondestructive methods of Archaeology. Thank you for showing how the professionals do it right!

  42. That would be really interesting to use with different sites that may have astronomical value, especially when you can model the sky for whatever year you want. Looking at something as it would have been seen after it was built could show us things we have not yet rediscovered.

  43. Civilizations come and go through a recurring natural disaster, so according to a fixed pattern. To understand the cycle of civilizations, read the e-book "what I know about Nibiru".

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