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100 thoughts on “Anonymous author paints damning portrait of Trump’s White House

  1. My Money is on Kelly Ann as the "infamous anonymous"….her hubby is a "Never Trumptard"…she has Trumpie's confidence, she's got her nose in all White House functions, she's "critical" of Dems…and she's a little more than sleazy, just the person who could pull this off….

  2. The real cowards are the republican politicians and citizens who support trump over the constitution and laws of our country

  3. This administration is full of BULLSHIT .Trump is insane douchebag President LIER TRAITOR NASTY moron leader of THE REPUBLICAN MAFIA .

  4. The Democrat politicians in DC are seditious traitors.
    They have been attempting a soft coup from the very day President Trump took office.

  5. Dear anonymous, thank you for the nightmare, I do not even want to imagine trump pantsless, he is bad enough with his pants on…..

  6. come out of the closet and be a true patriot and American 'anonymous'… only then does [your] book and claims count and make a difference… as of now its just BS… Dems just LUV it… but how much can you prove…?… ca'mon… be American… or Americans and do your duty.

  7. "ANONYMOUS" is a way to dodge the sixth Amendment again, like a "Whistleblower" who doesn't even have firsthand knowledge. Bash on, HATRIOTS !

  8. I can't imagine why Trump would be so paranoid of people these days like note takers , phone calls… lol libtards are pathetic

  9. The LEFT (the enemy of USA), so jealous can not make it even single score in 8 years of Obama…In TRUMP we got 50 year unemployment in just 3 years – so unheard of. That is why they desperate to Crash the economy – is So Sick.

  10. Give it up leftest, there will be no conviction in the Senate, you have turned over every Stone and found no surpents and you damn well know your fifth colunm coup is going nowhere!!!!!Trump 2020, Pence 2024!!!!!!The Democratic Party has evecerated itself on a left edged sword! I hope many new Patriots will choose to make careers in great states such as Michigan, New York,. Massachusetts, and Ohio, since The South is secure. These states can be saved if enough deplorable s move into them, and they are so derful places!!!

  11. See the strumpet flipping her hair back as trump strolled by after turning his nose up to the people he just passed, Shaking my head at the whores that would do anything for a buck. Well bitch he is broke, always has been, never had a dam dime, now run to your pimp and tell him you are such a failure that desperate old lobster face trump dont even want you, lololololololol reminds me of the song, i would do anything for love. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL even lobsters.

  12. Anonymous writer lacks credibility! Anyone can claim anything they wish but offer nothing to validate a word! Perhaps a good smear job for the gullible group think, not so for independent observers. Swamp News needs to put some effort in reporting real news!

  13. Wonderful States below can be saved, Patriots looking to relocate and build a career with opertunity please look at Michigan,New York, Ohio, wonderful,wonderful, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts! The New Republican Party Is not about Ayn Rand any more, it is moving back to it's Lincolnian Roots, we see beauty in people of all races that share our values of hard work and responsibility.In 1860 it launched a campaign to advance the moral position of our society forward with true lasting progress,and it delivered! President Trump has reassigned this goal to a party that had lost sight of it somewhat. The modern Republican Party is again the party of progress!!!! Come on and join us, I myself was a Democrat at one time, but three years ago I asked myself ,to which party would John Kennedy belong if he were alive and active today?

  14. My Mother died of pancreatic cancer because Obamacare caused her to lose her regular healthcare plan & Doctor and she couldn't afford the premiums to Obamacare. She died screaming through the gates of the White House as Obama was teeing off on a luxury golf course somewhere.

  15. Lmao, A book full of hearsay. if any of it were true, I'm sure Schiff would accommodate another so called whistle blower.

  16. Again CNN -basing a story on an Anonymous source????!! Have you learned nothing on all the stories that came back to bite you. No wonder ratings are in the toilet!!!

  17. Karma has no menu. You get what you deserve. The hypocrisy of DJT expecting loyalty and trust is
    laughable. This is the same guy who manipulated his own father in an attempt to re-write his father's will to make himself the sole executor. The same guy who has cheated on each of his several wives and at least one mistress with a porn actress. What's frightening is how unsurprising it will be to hear the WH is an even bigger shit show than anyone has shared till now.

  18. Donny wants loyalty but as soon as his lackeys are no longer of use to him he throws them under the bus. That little fat boy is finally getting some of his own medicine.

  19. CNN you guys are desperate
    You know it’s game over when trump wins 2020 and your making yourselves look weak
    Grow a pair

  20. Lol, Anonymous book,anonymous author lol ,imagine that.It’s more like they woke up every morning to record low numbers of unemployment or record numbers on the rising stocks.They also woke up in the morning with veterans finally getting the help they need and a military that is in top shape.They woke up this morning with a better United States than when Obama was president.They also wake up every morning knowing the democrats are doing everything in their power to make this president fail,which when they do that they are doing everything in their power to make us fail as a Nation.All that counts to a democrat is to take him down and could care less if they take down the country with him…

  21. Another book. Fuck me, what is this, the 73rd book to come out since Trump was elected? Who buys these books? I haven't seen a single one for sale at Chapters. How many fake authors have to leech off Trump for success?

  22. Anonymous Watch incredible people believing the stuff from the media who will not tell the truth The media who lies the people get paid large sums of money and people believe that stuff do your research people go by Fax

  23. Maybe people will realize how terrible he is once they read what hes done and said in a book. (insert joke about those who love him cant read).

  24. Everyone knows if you can’t put your name to it it’s either a lie or you’re ashamed. All it is, and everyone knows it… is a hit piece and it could be lies or truth no one would know. Shame on you!! For the good of the nation vote TRUMP 2020!!

  25. OHH NO he really says things like honey and sweetie??? WHAT A MONSTER!!!

    Geez is this really what CNN calls journalism?
    So to CNN the news is now considered to be reporting on a book from an unnamed author? Really???
    That pretty much says it all. It's just more bs.
    Wow CNN How pathetic.
    This is why your network has lost most of it's viewers, why you're called fake news, why you're laughed at now, and the reason you're now considered to be a disgrace to this country.


  27. 🔴🌟🔴🌟🔴🌟🔴🌟🔴🌟🔴🌟

  28. Hey CNN, thank you for your ground breaking report about Trump's grammar mistakes. If it wasn't for that story, I never would have threw up so effectively.

  29. Hey, I’ve got a idea. Make up a juicy story, say I have first hand knowledge and do it anonymously so no one can verify. The never Tumpers will eat it up. What’s that? It’s been done a few times already? Sure, it’ll fly again.

  30. If you ain’t got the balls to put your name on what you say about others then you are a coward and full of Shiff in my book. This is not news it’s propaganda.

  31. Man, he’s packed on tons of weight. That side profile is not flattering at all. 230 my ass, more like 315. Is he wearing 3 bullet proof vests?

  32. No it is I, me and me alone. Unonymously me. Proud of it. Don't u just love it? This is only the 500th book on trumps insanity. His presidential library will have lots of books. All non-fiction. Who's next. Oh yes, The Whistleblower strikes again. Our beloved White House turned to PooPoo's. Our country touched by crap & quickly turning into Shit.

  33. They should've massed resigned. There would be no misunderstanding then of how incompetent and damaged that administration is. As it stands, the administration can always deny that there's something wrong. Trump loves to say his administration is a "well oiled machine". The mass resignation would've thrown that bullshit out the window.

  34. I believe every bit. I've been with a narcissistic sociopathic person with ADD. It's just as described. Jump ship while you can before they eat your Soul!

  35. The profile of a sociopath (antisocial personality disorder)

    • Compulsive lying
    • Lack of empathy  
    • Extreme narcissism 
    • Grandiose self-image
    • Lack of conscience 
    • Manipulative 
    • Sexually deviant 
    • Sensitive to criticism 
    • Paranoid 
    • Despotic/Authoritarian 
    • Low tolerance for boredom 
    • Impulsive behavior
    • Shallow emotions  

    America got manipulated into electing one of its worst.

    APD is a listed mental disorder for which there is currently no cure. A political leader with such a mental disorder in combination with a critical mass of the population that does no longer possess the critical thinking necessary to tell the difference between fact and fiction, is a dangerous and potentially explosive mix.

    Throughout the course of history, individuals with similar patterns of mental disorder who were able to take on leading positions in business, finance, government, and religion have detrimentally affected the lives of millions if not, billions. As our societies grow larger and technology exponentially increases the impact one single mentally unstable individual can have on the world’s population, this is a risk we, the people, can no longer afford.

    It is time to call out people with such a disorder and expose them for what they are —Mentally and emotionally impaired individuals. Whenever we put these individuals in pivotal positions of power, we allow them to shape our world in ways that serve them and not us. Yet, a simple non-intrusive MRI can objectively detect signs of APD. In order to protect ourselves and our planet, we must impose a psychological evaluation for anyone running for the highest office. The same must be done for all other positions in our society that potentially give individuals the power to negatively alter the fate of large portions of the world’s population.

    Only individuals with high levels of empathy and an inflexible commitment to the truth should be allowed to serve the interests of the people. Anything less is at our expense.


    The Sociopath Next Door
    book by Martha Stout Ph.D.

    Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths Among Us
    Book by Robert D. Hare

    Snakes in Suits
    Book by Robert D. Hare

  36. I think Kellyanne wrote it along with her husband 🙂 …. and then she can say I used to say such ridiculous things to protect my cover!

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