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100 thoughts on “Andrew Yang Will Support A Candidate Backing A Basic Income | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. If Andrew Yang isn’t President then the nominee will sound like Andrew Yang… with that MAGIC WAND – bye bye MSNBC 🖕🖕🖕🖕🤷‍♂️🖕🖕🖕🖕

  2. Everytime I hear Andrew, its like hearing my long lost father for the first time 😢😢😢. I want the pain to stop.

  3. MSNBC, you're disgusting. If it weren't for you, Yang would still be in this race. https://vocal.media/theSwamp/a-visual-history-of-the-yang-media-blackout

  4. the American middle class is under so much assault from all directions it is going to crumble if trump got re-elected in 2020, because Yang wouldn't even stand a chance of working in some capacity for us in DC, the only chance that Yang's ideas, passion, and smarts can be put to good use for this country is for us to swing as many seats as possible at all levels of government to Democrat's tickets to pave ways for people like Yang to bring democracy back to this once great land, if the Yang Gang doesn't understand this then we all are doomed!

  5. Yang's Game:

    1. Suspend campaign.
    2. Accept tons of interviews as newest "non-threat"
    3. Gain support via wider exposure
    4. Resume campaign.

  6. Congratulations MSNBC and other MSM. You have ensured that any real progress for the world in any field will have to wait at least another 4 years. This movement was bigger than the USA. China will now dominate tech and all of our data will remain the property of either the Chinese government or a handful of billionaires in San Fransisco. Well done.

  7. MSNBC- “If you had the power, what would you change in the forces against you.”
    Yang- “Umm well the Yang Media Blackout against me certainly wasn’t nice, thanks for that MSNBC.”

  8. He quits way too early not really inline with his supporters, suspecting something is brewing behind the background with other leading candidates

  9. If Yang and Marianne are PRECISELY who they say they are, they should call a joint press conference and ENDORSE TULSI. Because… sorry Bernie fans but if Tulsi's not on the ticket in November then Trump wins. And if your man and mine Bernie can't get Tulsi's delegates handed to him BY TULSI on the first ballot, Bernie ain't goin anywhere but back to Vermont.

  10. He should say the problem is MSM especially MSNBC being obviously biased against him and other progressive candidates. But it’ll solve nothing by pointing that out. We all can see it and his campaign made that more obvious to more people

  11. U.S spent Trillions $$ per year on useless wars and bombs,
    Billions are nothing in compare! A $1000 a month is achievable. Plus it will boost U.S "economy".

  12. every other candidate including trump is either promising to give us something or lying about something or someone. Yang is the only one who wanted to give us a way forward. he wanted us to build our own futures and not the government or large businesses, he wanted to set us free to pursue our dreams. he wanted us to succeed and even to those with great wealth he still wanted to be fair to them too while also making them pay their fair share. he wanted us to be wealthy and when we succeed we will push everyone with us together.
    Yang's dream would make the dividend only grow and grow and it would accelerate our progress faster and faster

  13. There are already two candidates supporting UBI. If he doesn't endorse Tulsi I will no longer trust him. I think he's trying to give Bernie time to decide to back UBI instead of coming out and endorsing the person whose been right there with him all along.

  14. Another mountebank pushing the toxic Statist Snake-Oil. Remember, kids, Daddy State can only do stuff for you in proportion to his power to do stuff TO you.

  15. I know MSNBC, ABC, CNN, etc, will not take Yang's debate criticism to heart. I'll say what Yang's too polite to say. TV debates are shallow infotainment. Give the debates back to the League of Women Voters. Just listen to how they were strong-armed out of the debates. 1988 – League of Women Voters End Sponsorship of Presidential Debates – Press Briefing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6ECHHDn_TA

  16. Okay, Honestly if a candidate doesn't have UBI but has Yang has their VP, i'd vote for them. Atleast we can implement other stuff that Andrew Yang has been championing like democracy dollars.

  17. Thank you Andrew Yang! Automation is going to put hundreds of thousands out of work and no one else seems to see that as a fast approaching problem.

  18. The title of the video is misleading. Yang said he would support a candidate who makes 'UNIVERSAL Basic Income' the central policy of their campaign, not just a measly Basic Income.

  19. I kind of wish Tulsi would win, but she seems hated by some mainstream Democrats, so I guess it's Sanders for me. Though Warren would be interesting as well….

  20. Yang was/is much more than just UBI. While Tulsi might have pick up UBI but the real BULK of policies are still with Andrew so I am sticking with Yang, now if she announces Yang as VP then I will consider….but until then Yang Gang forever. Yang is the only one who know how to deal with these MODERN DAY issues the most effective way REMEMBER YANG HAS A PLETHORA OF POLICIES NOT JUST UBI. Don’t be trick/sway so easily Yang Gang!

  21. UBI > 15$/hr minimum
    Entrepreneurship and small businesses will suffer under a 15$/hr minimum. UBI will stimulate them.

  22. MSNBC failed the people by disregarding Yang for so long, and now here showing fake love to him after the blatant disrespect. The Democratic party doesn't deserve Yang, he'd make a great Republican

  23. "I think some people have some questions about the reality of that" Please, Yang has explained over and over again how you can do that and how that money belongs to people in the first place who let tech companies use their information for free. Please stop framing UBI as a kind of gimmick when it's not.

  24. Idk if any candidates would dear proposing such thing because they if they do, their fan base going to shrink for sure

  25. Surprised Yang said Bloomberg was a good mayor as Yang's whole message was suppose to be about "humanizing government" and all Bloomberg did was dehumanize black New Yorkers!

  26. Wow. That question at the end begged for a response like "How about more fair coverage on MSNBC, including getting my photograph right." I imagine he was thinking it given the smile.

  27. #DraftYang2020 #WriteInYang If Yang were King for a Day, he'd implement #DemocracyDollars to even the playing field in US Politics! $100 in the hands of every voter every year limited to campaign funding would wash out lobbyist cash by a factor or 4x to 8x!

  28. I stopped watching u guys but here because of Andrew Yang. You all at MSNBC have done a big disservice to the American people. You all are no better than Trump.

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