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100 thoughts on “Actor Jussie Smollett Faces New Charges In Connection With Chicago Attack | NBC News NOW

  1. Ole juicy smoolyay not off the hook yet. Honestly I’m just tired of rich people and politicians in general getting away with crimes any “ordinary” citizen would be sent to jail for immediately. classism at its finest.

  2. Typical behavior for a communist democrat.
    Attempting to increase racial tension and incite violence for *MONEY*.
    Communist democrats always fall back on their two oldest tricks in the book. Racial division and violence.
    Remember that it was democrats that created the klan.

  3. Typical 2 tier justice in America since Obama. If you're on the left, you get a pass for anything and everything. If you're on the right, they will crucify you for something you said 40 years ago.

  4. Why is this an issue when he is his own victim? Taxpayers have paid for numerous frivolous calls to police especially those reporting black people, people making those calls never get arrested.

  5. NBC hating the fact the black racist Trump hater has been indicted. This was a hate crime against Whites. Send him to Prison.

  6. What, no cast of Empire speaking out now. Ah ha ha ha. All the sudden they are not running their mouths. Ah ha ha ha. Dave Chapelle says hello Jucie Smooya, ah ah ah ah

  7. this clown wrote hate letters to himself!!! "Smollett jussie you will die black" HAHAHA talk about going overboard!! no white person on the planet would write that to this fool

  8. WHY does the media completely ignore that michelle Obama went to Chicago to help get the charges dropped on Smollett?? why would she care unless it was a democrat plan to attack Trump and his supporters to make us look like evil racists when in reality THEY are

  9. This is so wrong., Wake up black people and stay woke!!!! This is our brother. 👋👋😠👋this is our son . Nephew . Cousin. 😭

    We(people) do that every day to ourselves.
    Luke 17: 7-10
    Servants don't be in your feelings for doing your job.
    Mr. Smollet already paid out. Actors act.
    David James West, a Christian man

  11. Roger Stone made false statements and is now facing 7 years in prison by the leftist DOJ. Smollett made MANY false statements to the Police, and Michelle Obama intervened and got his charges dropped! Investigate the Quid Pro Quo with Kim and Michelle Obama and get the corruption out of our justice system.

  12. Is there even one person in America who believes his lies ? Does his own mother believe him ? Does his lawyer believe him? How stupid must he be to not realize he looks like a little kid who denies stealing a cookie?

  13. What a weirdo! After they dropped the charges, he starts walking around with an entourage all of them wearing sunglasses.

  14. About time. This POS should pay back what he incurred. I don't even really care about some lengthy jail sentence, just make it right and come clean.

  15. Just another dog and pony show. I'll be surprised if we ever hear of this again.
    God bless America
    God bless President Trump
    Trump 2020 – See Clearly

  16. People like Jussie Smollett that has a big platform like he had and is constantly in the public eye, have to be very careful what they say and do. He could have started another riot for nothing. The good thing nobody believed in him.

  17. 7 to 9 yrs in prison equal justice for lying OOOPS don't you just hate it when we can put the same shoe on the other foot. Roger Stone. LETS PLAY this game shall we take a wild guess as to who will lose.

  18. By that rule, Canadians are always guilty, and this seems a little simplified, no word about that disgraced prosecutor in the pocket of Hillary et al.

  19. I can here his fat southern accent grandmother yelling " jussie,dinners ready" hes like grandma my name is jessie!! Lol 🤣🤣🤣

  20. Throw this racist in jail already and investigate why Michelle Obama’s aid helped getting the initial charges dropped.

  21. He deserves to rot in prison. He was perfectly willing to railroad two people and only wavered when he saw that the cops found his accomplices and not two random white dudes

  22. I don't get why he did what he did , like so many mixed couples and his parents could overcome the racial barriers why would he want to break it, we could'nt fix yesteryear, but we could all work hard for better future TOGETHER!!!

  23. Ask this nbc reporter what is fascinating about a race baiting criminal democrat fraud lair. Wait for it >>> NOTHING! lol Thats what all who call them selves a democrat all usually are. This party has finally been taken over completely by enemies of this Great Nation.

  24. Playing the race card and lying about a fake/staged attack on himself. Lock him up…he needs to pay for all the resources used to find his fake attackers. The black boy who cried wolf.👎👎😧

  25. Man chelle: I’m a Black woman in America. And you know, we’re not always made to feel beautiful,' she told Oprah Winfrey as she reflected on the journey to body positivity.  It would help if Man chelle stop walking on her knuckles. This woman is so hung up on race and thanks for reminding America that she is black.

  26. Now watch the holier-than-thou Woke Religion blame Jussie’s Story Inconsiatencies on the white man POTUS and then give him a pass bc his friends are the Obamas

  27. Does anyone really care about this mistake Jussie Smollet made after all this time? Our 🌎is🤢! Who gives a flip about this nonsense. This story is not worth any reputable networks time.

  28. There are so many hate crime hoaxes! I watched a show once that looked at just hoaxes perpertrated by lesbians and there was a dozen. All told there have so many that more serious charges and punishments should be in effect.

  29. Punish the people at the top of the totem pole the same people at the bottom would be. This can set a bad precedent that if you’re rich enough, you can get away with anything.

  30. It’s going to be even more satisfying to see all the attorneys and politicians who orchestrated this go down as well. JUSTICE

  31. He belongs in the gas chamber for treason. He was ready to throw his ENTIRE COUNTRY under the bus, and he should pay with his life for it.

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