A Very English Scandal: EXCLUSIVE TRAILER (UK) | Hugh Grant | Ben Whishaw – BBC

A Very English Scandal: EXCLUSIVE TRAILER (UK) | Hugh Grant | Ben Whishaw – BBC

Liberal Party.
What’s your name?
Norman, sir.
Jeremy Thorpe is elected
leader of the Liberal Party.
He was – heaven.
You’re the youngest man
to lead a British political party
in more than a century.
Careful now.
I’m not sure any boy is
worth ending up in prison for.
I was a victim…
My little bunny.
…of his lust.
He will destroy me, and the party,
and my marriage.
Mrs. Thorpe?
And who are you?
So? What would you
like me to do?
Jeremy Thorpe is a
highly respected man.
It is alleged that Thorpe and
Mr. Scott began a homosexual affair…
That’s me – on the telly.
I can’t believe they
can say this on the BBC.
This is story of a liar
meeting a fantasist.
And I am not sure
which one’s which.
This is bonkers, isn’t it.
It’s bloody nuts.
I’m arresting you for
conspiracy to murder.
He’s perfected the art
of hiding in plain sight.
Jeremy Thorpe did this.
It was Jeremy Thorpe!
There is only one way
for us to survive.
I will talk. I will be heard.
And I will be seen!
You were amazing!
I was rude. I was vile.
I was queer. I was myself.
A Very English Scandal
on BBC One.

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100 thoughts on “A Very English Scandal: EXCLUSIVE TRAILER (UK) | Hugh Grant | Ben Whishaw – BBC

  1. As long as nither of them die at the end I'd watch it… But let's be real, one of them is probably gonna be dead at the end.

  2. Written by my favourite Doctor Who showrunner who changed my childhood forever; starring Love Actually's comical dancing PM as a former Liberal leader, who also happens to be a fictional PM during the Pertwee era; no doubt this will be one of the greatest political dramas of 2018. (Hope the scripts will be available after broadcast.) CAN'T WAIT!! 😁🤞

  3. Was a supporting actor in this. Can't wait to see if i made the cut or the cutting room floor. Looks good!

  4. "I was rude, I was vile, I was queer, I was myself" Well, I am worse … arrogant, insidious, mean, gorgeous! Just saying 🙂 God it feels good say this at loud! And 1000% gay!

  5. “I can’t believe they can say this on the BBC” it’s 2018 love people are more afraid of hearing about Trump than gay couples, also the UK mostly accepts LGBTQIA+ people

    Btw I am a full supporter of the community, I am not in any way being homophobic, in fact I hate the word and it needs to be banned because there shouldn’t be any one who is against homosexuals, they bring joy to the world ❤️🏳️‍🌈

  6. If you know about the Jeremy Thorpe-Norman Scott affair, it's not really a laughing matter. I hope they don't just make it some camp comedy, I'd expect better from Stephen Frears.

  7. Whishlaw looks nothing like Norman Scott – bad casting and the look and fashion is wrong – its the Seventies not today's shit era. Typical Russell Davies shit.

  8. I remember this Scandal while i was at school because kids picked up on it strangely and used to call people either Jeremy or Norman if they wanted to accuse them of being Gay!.

  9. Shame it wasn't shot in Barnstaple. I know because there is no Market Tavern pub there.
    I come from North Devon,,and there isn't a single location from there in the series.

  10. Ok I'm just gonna say it…..how could homosexuality ever have been so dangerous, illegal, reviled and punished in England? I mean, come on! Every English guy I've ever known was either totally gay, in the closet gay or in denial gay.

  11. EXCELLENT Drama. Just seen all 3 parts back-to-back. Really shows the power of The Establishment and the supreme INEVITABLE irony of Jeremy Thorpe being the main opponent to the "Keep Britan White" campaign and living in the ( then ) 99% White West Country while David Steel lived in a 99.9% White Scottish Area.

  12. I just started watching the first episode its kind of a cross between Rik Mayalls the New Statesman . meets Quentin Crisp the naked civil servant so far it's been quite funny . I will say one thing about the first episode there was definitely product placement in that episode it was a jar of VASELINE . I thought the BBC are not supposed to advertise . I hope that Vaseline wasn't bought out of licence fee . I always heard that actors are supposed to suffer for ones art . OR IN THIS CASE SUFFER FOR ONES ARSE !!

  13. This is for all the women who ovulated at the sight of Hugh Grant for a large chunk of the 90s / early noughties : time waits for no man, ladies. I realize that he's been made up to play an older man, but at 57 he's the same age as George Clooney – sooner or later, we all have to accept that the best we'll be able to manage is Ed Harris 😉

  14. If this was fiction, we would say it was ridiculous, because no sane people would behave this way, but it's all true.

  15. I am an American so what is a national insurance card? I just kept thinking cant this guy get another one?

  16. I'm just praying that there's a blooper involving the love making scene between Ben and Hugh where Ben moans "Marmalade…" in Paddington's voice just to freak Hugh out.

  17. Luckily found full episodes on some Hungarian website.
    Absolutely loved it
    "..and he is not to write to my mother describing acts of anal sex under any circumstances whatsoever!"
    Hugh Grant is superb

  18. Luckily found full episodes on some Hungarian website.
    Absolutely loved it
    "..and he is not to write to my mother describing acts of anal sex under any circumstances whatsoever!"
    Hugh Grant is superb

  19. trying to make somthing abnormal looks normal.
    no doubt the end is near
    you think there will be nothingness after you die?
    such a shallow mind

  20. So glad to see Hugh Grant in such a grand character. So different from his usual light-hearted stuff. Excellent and a nice surprise. He aging into his character splendidly. Hope to see more of this side of him.

  21. Ben Wishaw is definitely my favourite actor ever, in all world, in my all life ! It's because of him that I want to enter in a theatre school in the futur. That's because of him that I want to be an actress. Thank you Ben.

  22. I'm really looking forward to seeing Hugh Grant for the first time in a different role than before. The trailer seems to promise something good.

    With best regards,
    SANY 3000

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