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100 thoughts on “2020 State of the Union Address & Democratic Response

  1. It's nice that so many ordinary citizens are being honored for their accomplishments. It's disgusting that their honor is being used by Dirty Donny to make him appear to be a good guy.

  2. Trump is a true comedian. He's going to make us laugh so hard until his castle of cards and bullshit comes crashing down in the next four years burying those still holding his mantle, just like those poor vendors, creditors, friends and customers who believed in him and supported his failing businesses throughout his career as a con. After all if you can bankrupt several Casinos, you can bankrupt the USA. Good job Putin.

  3. OMGosh! Nancy is so upset, she has dry mouth…all the spit in her mouth has dried up as she realizes she is done for….

  4. Nancy clapped when he said PUT AMERICA FIRST!!! She was not suppose to….she tried to stop when she realized her mistake but it was too late!!! LOL!!!its at about 56 minute mark.

  5. FOUR MORE YEARS OF MAGA !!! The witch hunt is over! Acquitted on both bogus charges despite one RINO (Romney) voting to convict because he is still pissed about not being given Sec of State.

  6. Did anyone else notice that Nancy Pelosi wag her finger towards the individual around 1:29:00 who yelled something inaudible? I was 9 once, and I know that look of ice and anger. That is the look of one’s mother in church who just visually yelled at her kid, who is sitting in another pew with his friends while they goof off and make fart sounds. She treats adults like they are children! Hahahahaha.

  7. Trump is a MORON and he is disgusting thinking his stunts are going to sway the Black and Latinx vote his way. He can hand out cash until his Orange wig fades to black or try and make folks think he is human by handing out Bullshit awards but a pig is still a pig no matter what. NeverTrumpe!

  8. Who would of thought, a man with over 20 cases of sexual assault, fraud, adultery, and a wife that was an escort and appeared nude in books, etc etc would be allowed to be a president.
    God have mercy on us all.

  9. I don’t see it really, he just looks like his same old can’t read my feelings I’ll due my duty republican to me. The orange blob is despicable

  10. Government works for us not that we work for the government. Trump showed what a true public service is by bringing jobs, cutting taxes, even corporates so that they invest more no longer be swindled by the chinese. He is the art of the deal.

  11. Seriously screw the democrats with their liberal agenda.
    A men women bathroom in california dude we the people should over throw you for passing dumb legistlations.

  12. The Order of the Rainbow Coalition in white clothes…watched Nancy Pelosi tear up an Historical Document. But she won't be charged,…her house will exonerate her cause she's above the Law!

  13. 36:50 "10 million people have been lifted off of welfare."

    No wonder the Democrats are so angry. The Republicans are coming for their slave plantations. Again.

  14. Historically, each 2 term President leaves behind a legacy of programs that continue to produce dividends while the next administration finds their way. To date, Trump’s contribution consists of laying waste to much of what came before him, and taking credit for that which he hasn’t yet destroyed.

  15. From time to time, the camera panned the sad sad Democrats.
    Their sour faces remind me of when I inspect my morning constitutional before I flush.

  16. 2nd time watching this. Trump has really evolved and matured into a great president who i am proud of to represent me he just needed to figure out how politics works and get the kinks out, first time holding a govt. Position and working in Washington D.C.

  17. PettyPelosi at 1:46:10 ripping up the SOTU speech. Doesn't realize she symbolically destroyed the party. #KAG2020LandslideVictory

  18. Pitiful they couldn’t support the President for better schools. Just freaking pitiful. The dimwits have shown what they think of the American people.

  19. Low unemployment=bad. Economic growth=bad. Entrepreneurs=bad. School choice=bad. Less people on government assistance=bad. Strong military=bad. Good trade deals=bad. American heroes=bad. Funding for HBCUs=bad. Non-socialized healthcare=bad. Immigration laws=bad. Hope=bad. America=bad. Poligrip=bad. Letter size paper=bad.

  20. Trump, you did great! Inspiring speech! I can smell the Dems Desperation on this chat and Pelosi's tear down was epic. TROLLED!

  21. I cannot wait to see the SNL skit of Nancy tearing up that lying POS SOTU written copy. It took the narrative away from tRump, except in the worst light, for the rest of the night. She ALWAYS knows what to do to own him! LOL! Wait until we get the Senate back with our new President. Things will change and there will never be another conman grifter allowed in our house again! tRump will be being prosecuted by the State, which Fred Barr Flintstone, toady AG can't touch!!!

  22. "He THERIDCT DETHEMBER THESAULDTS" Someone got into extra meds this morning! That's gonna' make him short at the end of the month! I LOVED how the military/generals sat there stonefaced. They don't like him! LMFAO!!! They will finally be able to talk in November!
    SCOTUS never claps for him either! They all know the truth!

  23. U.S. visit Congress Illegal Immagrant Tax payers dollars fund airplane ride. Time to hit the right source. Lets travel to visit Illegal Imagrant to find out how they are doing? I am willing to go as a U S Citizen. I will travel with water to give to them.

  24. Pathetic Democrats they don't love this country, they are socialists, step child of communist. They are being influence by demonic power to deceive, divide, & destroy the United States of America.

  25. Democrats promoting a bill that allows ALL CRIMINALS RETURN TO THE UNITED STATES "NO QUESTIONS ASKED"
    READ IT👇
    Text – H.R.5383 – 116th Congress (2019-2020): New Way Forward Act | Congress.gov | Library of Congress

  26. Minus the children present and a very very small handful of ppl…. what ya'll looking at is scum and the ppl pulling their strings are the worst of all creation.

  27. President's have always played fast and loose
    with reality when it comes to how they describe the state of the U.S. economy.
    The current administration is only the latest group whose decisions have
    weakened not strengthened the stability of our economy and, by extension, our
    society. ideological bias (or blindness) is a major part of the problem.
    Whether there is a Republican or a Democrat in the White House this problem
    exists. Each party relies on experts trained in economics that adhere to
    macroeconomic theories and policies that have proven ineffective at preventing
    either recessions or inflation. Neither demand management nor supply-side
    economic policies nor money, interest and credit supply policies have worked.
    The nation has experienced a dozen recessionary downturns — some more serious
    than others — just since the end of the Second World War. We are, I believe,
    headed for another downturn that will look far more like 1932 than even 2008.

    Back in 2014 I gave a talk at the Henry George

    birthplace in Philadelphia describing the long series of bad policy decisions
    and changes in law that doomed our nation to ever-deeper cycles of boom and
    bust. The causes of these cyclical crises have always been there because
    powerful vested interests have made sure that a redistribution of income and
    wealth from producers to non-producing monopolistic and rent-seeking interests
    have been protected. Most of our elected representatives have participated in
    this game. Economic cycles are a particular outcome of a tax system that rewards
    speculation and passive investment over income earned producing goods and
    providing services. A reasonably progressive individual income tax and a high
    tax on inheritance and estates served to mitigate the worst effects.

    The delicate balance began to unravel
    beginning in the 1970s as the nation tried to respond to the rapid increase in
    the price of fossil fuels. Wage and price controls did not work. Financial
    deregulation began with changes in law permitting the first money market mutual
    funds, funds that eventually pulled billions of dollars from the nation's
    thrifts and causing the S&L Crisis of the late 1980s. Reagan era policies
    accelerated the problems by combining tax reductions with increased military
    spending. The era of perpetual deficit spending and climbing national debt was
    underway. The Clinton administration opened the gate to the "too big to
    fail" problem of banking with repeal of Glass-Steagal. One bad piece of
    legislation after another followed in administration after administration. The
    current administration has sealed our fate. No one is even asking where the
    funds will come from to service $30 trillion public debt

  28. Ladies and gentile men, jack boot thugs, storm troopers, republican sell outs of the great nation of Trumplandia, the first gold digger lizard of the United State, three years ago today I started charging the tax payers about 3 million dollars a day to watch me golf while I pocket a good share of that money to keep my businesses from going bankrupt for the umpteenth time. My butt buddy Rush Limpdick has brought us all many doses of Viagra and Oxycontin, everything is wonderful in the sewage filled swamp…

  29. That witch at the end is LYING!


  30. Please, please check this out before you go believing anything that you have heard in this speech, please! – factcheck.org/2020/02/factchecking-the-state-of-the-union-3/, and if you are not sure about what is there, just do a search on fact-checking, there are lots of sites that say the same thing. And don't get all pissy on me, I am doing you a favor and am trying to help you to see the truth.

  31. As a Brazilian I understand closely the suffering of the Venezuelan people, many people are coming to my country because of the dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro who uses the armed forces to kill political opponents. For you to understand, a general surgeon receives the equivalent of 5 dollars a month, and cannot buy meat, this general surgeon works as a waiter(in 2 jobs) here in Brazil and receives a sufficient salary to live and feed his family, equivalent to 500 dollars. (500 dollars here is like 2.000 in our coin, but like 2.000 dollars).

  32. Gov, Gretchen Whitmer is a liar, so sanctuary cities are not true, millions of people living on the streets are not true MS13 are imaginary bad men you're an idiot Gretchen obviously you're the poster girl for the Dems your also a baby killer. Advice to your children; sleep with one eye open kids you don't know when mummy is going to come in the room with a shiny knife

  33. Nancy pelosi is out of her mind total nutcase she belongs in a mental institution and she's running the Democratic party

  34. We should have a special military unit CDC border patrol to protect our borders from infectious diseases from the southern border

  35. When this video showed the Generals in the audience none of them stood or clapped for him, only one shook his hand as he exited. Chief Justice Roberts turned away totally as he passed him. Even Kavanaugh looked somberly at Trump.

  36. I love Donald J. Trump. The Democrats want to STEAL our hard earned money and use it to bribe people for votes. Why should we hard working Americans pay the student loan bill for people who have college degrees? FUCK THAT SHIT! FUCK DEMOCRATS!

  37. This would've been so much better if they had moved President Trump's podium to the left so we didn't have to see Crazy Plastic Pelosi making faces during the speech.

  38. Trump is full of shit, he said that he is against countries that take advantage of the United states? The worst abuser is the parasite Apartheid Zionist State of Israel, they get 4 billion dollars a year of Tax payers money plus military aid and on top of that Israel wants the U.S to fight their wars and what does Israel give in return? Absolutely nothing, he also said that the United states is getting the respect like never before? WTF? After everything he is doing for Israel Trump added more fuel to the fire and there is more hatred towards the United states like never before burning U.S flags and also the European countries are not getting along with Trump, he is against the whole world, he is against European countries, Iran, North Korea, China, Russia, Venezuela, he say nothing but lies..

  39. The best part starts at 2:05:11 right before they cut this video off. A bunch of people called in saying how disgusted they were of the Democratic party……and many of them were Democrats. Some saying how they are not going to vote Democrat. LOL
    The Democrats are screwed in 2020. They've pissed off half their base with all their garbage and promising "free" stuff.

  40. What an obscene speech! Can't have illegal immigrants, while the US is in Syria, using the excuse of ISIS, which Trump also says he's vanquished, while even corporate media (Reuters) points out that the Americans use terrorists in the region to further their geopolitical goals.

  41. "CSPAN Callers React to Pelosi's Ripping of Trump's State of the Union Speech" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IcsRVxCY4KM

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