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100 thoughts on “2020 Democrats take the debate stage following messy Iowa caucuses

  1. Yeah, and I just imagine your dad's really proud and happy with you. You know all the grandkids you're able to produce for him.

  2. Just I thought the Democrats couldn’t get any worse…they’ve out-clowned themselves.
    Trump will win convincingly in 2020

  3. Thank you for watching. Don't forget to help control the idiot population. Please have your Democrat(s) spayed or neutered. (or maybe both depending on how they self-identify).

  4. 4:38 You said it. Sneaky Pete is is the media’s chosen one but not the people’s. We the voters prefer Bernie over Sellout Pete, Mayor Cheat, Rat Pete.
    We the young voters watch TYT, The Rational National, Secular Talk, The Hill, RT, The Humanist Report, CNN, MSNBC, and Fox Newsbits here and there. We know better. Bernie 2020!!!!

  5. When are these socialist democrats gonna get brave and stand up against some conservative moderators?
    I don't think they have the guts.

  6. I wouldn't vote for anyone of these asshls who didn't insist that an American flag stand behind them on stage. The flags absence-tells us everything we need to know about them all. Walk away. Better yet–RUN.


  8. They are now attacking Bernie because he is winning and why don't they see that their policies are socialist like Bernie's?

  9. …….Briber …Brandy all real house-hold names .And where the country proud of is…….Water , ,Butterscotch even more you want to rule a Country.
    Those Odds with this kind of Brands makes you wanna RUN….Away. Even combined they don't have the mental power of President Trump.

  10. Bernie 'weak heart' Sanders would CROAK on stage in a debate with Trump. Come on man!! LOL What a bunch of goofballs.

  11. Why are right wingers so against not having to pay $80 for a 32 cent iv drip and a 3 day hospital stay that costs you as much as a year of rent?

  12. A double hit when democrats ridiculed baron , people aren't as thick as they used to be the liberoids forget it's the Internet age

  13. The failure of democrats is to confuse their opinions with facts.
    Mayor Pete is a joke. Biden is pathetic. Bloomberg is a reminder that the DNC is at heart just a front for the highest bidder.

  14. Bernie Sanders is a Communist/socialist. Lying to the people and misleading the people is in his DNA. That is what the Russians did to their people for years. He will say anything just to be elected as president, regardless of the financial and human cost. He’s going to die soon he doesn’t care about the long-term effects of his rhetoric.

  15. So all they can say is trump is a lier wow thats gonna win you the President man these people need to be put in a mental ward

  16. Corruption is corruption, it doesn’t matter if family is involved or not. Stupid argument, how many times have the Dems tried to use president Trump’s kids against him?

  17. Even if Donald Trump lies, HISTORY DOESN'T (and history shows that socialism DEMOLISHES countries), and Bernie seems to love the Soviet model of socialism….therefore he himself is a communist.

    And I am US-born and lived two years in the Soviet Union. There isn't a person born outside of the Soviet Union that would survive in that system. And no person born in America will not be suicidal should soviet style socialism become the system in this country.

    Trust me, all of you Bernie following shills, you will find yourselves in a pit of despair so deep you can't imagine. To make it in that system you have to be a pitbull every day of your life. When you see that last milk carton on the shelf in the store, you will be called upon to knock over all the old ladies rushing toward it at the same time as you, just so you can feed that little baby you have at home. Yeah, you will have to become an animal. That's how it was, and that's how it will always be…socialism is the most anti-social form of government there has ever been.

  18. Because of the theory of the democratic party, the greedy is the figure, so that the people who join the members of the Democratic Party are not honest, and greed up into the number of naxtors, such as Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Obama, Baydale and so on the thief of the thief, damage to the US image, injuries the interests of the American people, Hazard the US national security interests, leading to the entire Democratic camp to be a centralized core of the Tibetan,

  19. The Biden's can take as much as they can because they are Democrats and close friends with the Obama's and Clinton's

  20. Bring in the clowns. November can’t come fast enough! This will be remembered throughout history as The Great Democrat Massacre.

  21. To turn a father against his son?
    How is that at all Trumps fault. The Bidens are crooks, criminals. They defrauded and embezzled millions.

    If their conduct wasnt criminal, turn over hunter and joes flight info, and account info? Allow the Ukrainian representatives to testify against you.

  22. Good gawd, what a stage full of stoopid and unAmericanism . The Dems are all about hate, no plans, no comprehension of America.

  23. I'm not a socialist I just want to give everything away to lazy fucks who don't want a jobs because e have enough billionaires for everyone to live off of!

  24. Bashing president Trump is supposed to get them support I guess….. every time they hear the name Trump along with an insult they all start clapping and barking like a bunch of seals

  25. Hey Pete, would love to hear your analysis of the Joe Biden video bragging about withholding aid to Ukraine. Pretty please!

  26. Cut the tentacles of democrat establishment swamp corruption throughout our government and beauracracy. Obama was their puppet shield

  27. The Iowa Caucus Event has exposed the the system used to cheat! This was a test run and it failed but not completely! We must demand that all votes be verified by hand selecting by random tens of thousands of votes this fall! Phone calls to each voter to verify their votes! All that has to be done is reading the selection on the ballot then asking for comments! Then; verification of citizenship via a federal system!

  28. None of these candidates stand a chance against trump.mainly cause Americans don't want our country to resemble California or new York.

  29. So hey Bernie…when has President Trump lied? Where is your evidence. You Bernie are the liar. You want $15.00 per hr as minimum wages, yet you wont even pay your campaign employees $15.00 an hr. Therefore Bernie you are a hypocrite.

  30. plot twist the democrats know trump is good for the country and they
    pockets are getting fuller.. the media is getting more views trump is
    good for everyone.. you think they wanna end that.. keep dreaming.. they
    love this guy and you democrats are stupid to think they really wanna
    get rid of this guy.. if they did they would have groomed a young
    attractive mixed woman with bright non socialist ideas.. thats they only
    chance they would have of beating trump.. good luck.

  31. plot twist the democrats know trump is good for the country and they
    pockets are getting fuller.. the media is getting more views trump is
    good for everyone.. you think they wanna end that.. keep dreaming.. they
    love this guy and you democrats are stupid to think they really wanna
    get rid of this guy.. if they did they would have groomed a young
    attractive mixed woman with bright non socialist ideas.. thats they only
    chance they would have of beating trump.. good luck.

  32. Did any of them mention like what their plan is for the nation that's kind of important no? We all know they're just sock puppets so why is anybody making believe this is real Bobo from Finding Bigfoot has a better chance of being the president than any of these people

  33. Listen I got to say it Fox News Making Believe any of these candidates are presidential material should tell you a lot

  34. DemonRats, dedicated to screwing up everything everywhere as much as they possibly can including everyone else's life. It's just that thing they do.

  35. Can't trust any of these sh*t heads on stage, a bunch of lying scumbag criminal coummunusit TRAITORS. Go ahead and lockup Biden and his drug atic son. The Apple didn't fall from the tree

  36. It's funny that Democrats support corruption within their party and how dare president Trump investigate the criminals is what I heard.

  37. I swear, looking at half the comments, folks don't actually know what socialism is.

    Fyi, there is a difference between a welfare and socialism. Do you know the difference?

  38. “The President pitted Biden against his son…how dishonorable”
    👉🏻The entire Democratic Party has been trying to pit the American people against Their Duly Elected President of the United States for three years… 🤔
    Not sure I’m understanding their “line” when it comes to dishonorable behavior…

  39. Pete Giggabutt isn't interested in truth,or combating government corruption,he is only interested in lying to promote his own interest.

  40. Wo Trump! Ever sence he got into office my pee pee gotten like 3 inchs bigger. Hopefully he will get re elected then maybe I can get to like 6!!!

  41. ABC get real…asking questions about nothing and starting trouble for them so called candidates. You are Fake..you lost fair and square in 2016 and you are Bitter. MAGA2020

  42. This comment section really makes me realize how fox and cnn both have opposite political views and it really shows in the people who are watching their videos. People are sticking with the news that they know they will agree with instead of trying to see things from new perspectives, increasing so many people’s ignorance and denial of the other side.

  43. To Pelosi and Democrats: One minute of glory – a lifetime of prison and hell. GOD will be waiting for you. Enjoy your minute…
    To all ex-Democrats: Welcome to the Great Awakening!🇺🇸
    The Great Awakening.🇺🇸 Now how about The Great Arrests of these seditious Democrat and RINO criminals???? WWG1WGA🇺🇸

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