10 upcoming Google Projects !

10 upcoming Google Projects !

I didn’t think we could fall in love broken from the start into our past we had closed hearts What’s up guys? Hope you’re all doing well today. We will be talking about 10 ambitious Google alphabet projects. You may not have heard about Google went through a massive Reorganization in October of 2015 when alphabet became its parent company Projects that [weren’t] [a] part of Google’s core businesses such as Google search engines and Android were spun out into separate alphabet companies with their own C.E.O’s All of these moonshot projects cover everything from making smarter homes to creating robots that can work alongside humans But even google proper which now falls on the alphabet still has oversight over some of these futuristic projects Here are 10 most ambitious. Moonshot projects on the alphabet and what they hope to accomplish First is delivery drones project wing is alphabets desire to replace your mailman with flying drones a Patent filed in October of 2014 gave us better insight as to how the project would work The drone will lower a package using a winch to tiny robots on the ground These robots will then wheel the packages to a safe holding location Alphabet plans and releasing the Drone delivery service to the public in 2017 Project wing is run by Google x the company under Alphabet. Next up is smart contact lenses Alphabet is pursuing smart contact lenses that are [solar-Powered] and Collect biological data about the wearer Sensors embedded in the contacts could collect information like body temperature and blood alcohol content The tech giant [also] announced in 2014 that it was receiving contact lenses that would use tiny glucose sensors to measure sugar levels in your cheers The project is run by Alphabet’s verify company which was originally named “Google life sciences” Next up; internet beaming, hot-air balloons project loon is Alphabet’s desire to bring internet to two-thirds of the world’s population using internet beaming, Hot-air balloons The project has been in the web since 2011 about two years before it was unveiled to the public The solar-Powered balloons fly at a high altitude to provide broadband to areas without internet access you [can] read the specifics about how the project works here project loon is one under Google x Next on; our list cancer detecting pill the tech giant is designing tiny magnet particles that can look into signs of cancer and other diseases in the human body [the] [project] however is at least another four years away from being ready for the [final] time the project is being run by Google X research lab Next on; our list is internet beaming drones Alphabet has two approaches to beaming the [internet] around the world Hot air balloons and drones the tech giant bought titan aerospace which makes the solar-Powered drones that are built to fly non-stop for years the Titan aerospace, Solara 50 has a wingspan of 150 feet and is equipped with [3,000] solar cells which can provide seven kilowatts of electricity to stay airborne for five years? They can also take aerial photography the drone project is run as a part of [project] titan under Google Next up; robots Google turn Alphabet acquired a ton of robotic companies in 2013 One that stands out is Boston Dynamics Boston Dynamics creates a number of robots Inspired by animals to aid in military use the one pictured here is called the cheetah robot the fast legged robot in the world The cheetah Robot can get to a speed of 29 miles per hour crushing a 13.1 mile per hour speed record set by MIT in 1989 you can see a list of its robotic projects here all robot projects are run as a part of replicant which is controlled by Google X Next on our list is longer lasting batteries Creating longer-lasting batteries may not seem like an ambitious project, but it’s actually a pretty difficult one There is a lot of demand [for] batteries that last longer when it comes to creating popular consumer items like smartphones The [Alphabet] CEO larry page told analysts in 2013 that battery life and mobile devices is a huge issue with real potential to invent new and better experiences a small group of just four members is currently working on that issue under Google x Next up a giant genomic [storing] services Google will store your genome in the cloud for $25 and the storage system could have a major impact on the scientific community the hope is to collect millions of genomes to aid in scientific research as MIT review reports of the system could aid in Collecting cancer Genome clouds that would allow scientists to Share information and one virtual experiments the project is run Under Google X [next] up [goodes] project to cure death the tech giant has taken on the ambitious project of extending the average Lifespan The research being done has been kept fairly hush But we know researchers are looking at things like genes that correlate to longer Lifespans in certain people The project is run by Calico a company under Alphabet that stands for California Life Company and Next on our list is artificial intelligence Deep mind. Which is the Company’s AI research firm falls under Google as a traditional product Google has made massive strides with refining its AI in January Google [Ai] beats a human at a complex game of go for the very first time Google’s AI was also capable of learning to play and win Atari 2600 games without any prior instruction in 2015 More recently a company’s Ai system was able [to] successfully navigate a maze on a computer game. The same way [a] human would So that’s it for this video guys I hope you found this video useful we will be coming up [with] more interesting Topics like these so stay tuned and until next time have a great day

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  1. I just wrote a response to the top comment, but after looking at the other comments, I think I should repeat my thoughts. In particular about Artificial Intelligence. Richard Gabriel's 1989 essay "The Rise of 'Worse is Better'" which is part of a longer article on AI programming: "Lisp: Good News, Bad News, How to Win Big" really influenced many people's thinking about these matters. Companies like Google develop advanced techs, that are ultimately unsuccessful, all the time. The marketplace punishes them. It might make one cynical, but cynical is better and more useful than becoming paranoid. Symbolics Inc. which made LISP machines in the 80s, which ran the Open Genera OS, and was ideal for AI. It was a company founded by MIT professors, and was often accused, (unfairly), of making machines and software that only MIT professors could use. People inevitably only want "good enough" tech to do the jobs presented to them. This idea can be summed up in another aphorism, "Perfect is the enemy of the good." Google has some amazing research and acquires many forward-thinking small companies. But if the marketplace isn't ready, they products go nowhere.

  2. Forget about this one . Improve your google assistant first . I ask simple questions, stupid answer I get . I want the assistant to keep my secret Info. But I don't trust google . Tq

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  4. This delivery drone idea was mine I documented exactly this way and was stolen from me by the US Gov criminals, in 2010, while serving a US company in Jeddah KSA. I had over 300 ideas in my laptop and notebook and both were stolen from me by those criminals.

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  9. I don't think i want one Huge giant company with Tons of personal data collection. I mean what the hell is google doing with all that personal data collection ? they know you so well they can even predict what you'er about to type.
    they know where you went how long did you stay there. where do you check in and out.
    lets put it this way google knows more about you than you can possibly remember yourself. now that's scary. not to mention having access to all your photo's mail maps etc.

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  17. why is google doing all this? because data will control the world. Every project in this video will stream data to Google. In a few years, governments will need googles permission to do anything. So will YOU.

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  22. Well this won't work for Medical delivery of personal information as it has the potential to be delivered to the wrong address or be intercepted somehow. Yeah, the drones lost my check. Lol. Neat stuff though. Having flowers or a pizza delivered might be kind of cool.

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