10 Details You Missed in the Breaking Bad El Camino Trailer! (Nerdist News w/ Kyle Hill)

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Here are the 10 details you
missed in the new trailer
for the Breaking Bad movie “El Camino”.
Now it’s no stretch of the
imagination to say that
Breaking Bad is one of the standout shows
in the current era of
Golden Age television
that has brought us shows like “Mad Men”,
“The Americans”,
“The Sopranos”,
“The Office”,
“The Good Place”,
“Game of Thrones”,
“The Leftovers”,
“True Detective”,
Woah there’s a lot of HBO
on this list in there?
– Yeah.
– And though the show has
been off the air since 2013,
it’s definitely created an
enduring cultural touchstone
with some moments from the
series still being quoted
and meme’d today.
– You’re goddamn right.
– I think that’s how they say it.
Plus it had to have the greatest episodes
of television of all time,
arguably the Fly and Ozymandias,
both of which were directed by
now let’s check the notes here,
I’ve written on my hand Ryan Johnson.
Who is that?
Why have I heard that name before?
Do people talk about him on Twitter?
Who knows?
And if the Breaking Bad spin off
slash prequel series Better
Call Saul is any indication,
it proves that audiences are still in love
with the fictionalized
version of Albuquerque
created by TV writer Vince Gilligan.
As a side note folks,
if you’re not watching Better Call Saul
remedy that immediately.
It’s really good.
Wow is what’s his name
great that I can’t remember.
Bob Odenkirk. Wow!
And while Better Call Saul
briefly ties into the
post “Breaking Bad” world
it’s mainly a prologue to that series.
While the actual ending to Breaking Bad
tied up many of the show
storylines one dangling thread
that the finale definitely left open ended
was what happened to Jesse Pinkman
after his faithful escape from
a white supremacist compound.
Now it appears that we’re
finally going to get some answers
in the form of “El Camino”
a breaking bad movie that
will hit Netflix in October.
And thanks to the first full trailer
we’re getting the first details
and hints about Jesse Pinkman’s life
spoilers after Walter White’s demise.
Now it might have been a
while since your last rewatch
of the “Breaking Bad” series
so we’re breaking down all of the details
and callbacks you might have
missed in the new trailer.
Look at us making jokes.
– You’re god damn right.
– The trailer kicks off basically
right after the shows end.
Jesse is on the run in
the titular El Camino
and he goes straight to where
anybody who is looking for him
will check first his
friends Skinny Pete’s place.
If you don’t remember
skinny Pete and Badger,
who we see right after,
they’re Jesse’s friends
of dubious intelligence,
let’s say but immense loyalty.
This is where Jesse gets cleaned up.
We even see Jesse
wearing skinny Pete’s hat
throughout the trailer.
We then see Jesse at the river
were Walter killed Mike Ehrmantraut,
though Mike still lives on in
the “Better Call Saul” prequel
it looks like his death in “Breaking Bad”
will play into this movie
and with word that the character
would return for this film,
we think that this scene
could be a flashback
and not the only one but we
will get to that in a moment.
Then Jesse tenses up as
a bunch of cops drive by
fans are split by this.
Some think that this is just fallout
from the finale of the series,
but some fans think this
might be a procession
for Walter White’s brother
in law Hank Schrader
as Walter left the location
of Hanks body to Skylar
before his demise.
Next we see this photograph
of Andrea and her son Brock,
if you remember they became
a huge part of Jesse’s life.
And in fact Andrea was
murdered to punish Jesse
for trying to escape his imprisonment
by the white supremacist.
We’re guessing that Jesse
wants to make things right by Brock.
Of course it wouldn’t be “Breaking Bad”
without some beautiful desert vistas
where we find Jesse is
digging something up
but note that his hair is longer
and much better looking
here if I may say so myself.
If we assume that he went to Skinny Pete’s
right after his escape where
he then got shaved down
and got cleaned up.
It’s also pretty safe to assume that
this was also another flashback
possibly the location
Walter White cash stash.
If Bryan Cranston is
going to show up as Walter
this seems like the perfect place for it.
Now we see Jesse banging
his head on the wall
in what very much seems to be
the abandoned White household.
Jesse has had his fair
share of memories here.
Maybe Jesse is searching for something
or maybe he’s just coming to terms
with all the Albuquerque tourists
who keep trying to throw
pizzas on a dying roof.
Stop! It’s not funny!
Then there is this bug,
which is a call back to season two,
where Jesse plays with a bug.
Hey, hey, we were breaking down everything
you know, all the details
you may have missed.
We didn’t say they were all winners.
Sometimes they’re just bugs.
Now we see this scene at a
junkyard and it’s very intriguing
beyond the fact that the cops
seem to be searching for Jesse
with a very out of date photo
junkyards have played a
big part in “Breaking Bad”.
It’s where the first RV was destroyed,
but it’s also where
Mike’s car was disposed of
after his death.
Could Jesse be resurrecting it
for some hidden clue or purpose?
Next we have Pinkman been leaning against
some police tape here in what appears
to be an apartment complex
or motel or something
He’s wearing Skinny Pete’s hat
so this is probably early on in the movie
Signs point to Jesse
checking up on something
from his former life maybe Brock
and based on that police
tape it don’t look good.
Now this here is a rootin’
tootin’ cowboy Western shot
if we’ve ever seen one
woah and we’ve seen many whoa.
You guys remember “No
Country for Old Men”?
That was a good movie.
Jesse has gained a lot of confidence
by this point in the trailer obviously.
This has got to be towards
the end of the film.
You don’t waste a good showdown
in the very first act of a film.
That’s just that’s just writing 101.
Of course this all leads to
the climax of the trailer
where an unseen person asked Jesse,
– [Film Dialog] you ready?
– to which Jesse replies with an eloquent
– [Film Dialog] Yeah.
– He’s a thinker.
While some fans are wondering
if this was somehow Walter White
or maybe Mike Ehrmantraut
speaking the voice is all wrong.
What many fans caught
and see much more likely
is that this voice belongs to
the venerable Robert Forster
who played Ed the disappearer
in “Breaking Bad”.
He’s the one who got Walter
and Saul Goodman their
new identities and lives
although Walt truly never learned
to leave well enough alone.
Does this mean that the movie ends
with Jesse getting a new
life from the disappearer?
That seems a little too
straightforward for “Breaking Bad”
but hey, who knows? It’s a movie.
Well this trailer is chock full of tidbits
and Easter eggs it leaves us
with a couple of questions.
Could this tie into the flash forwards
of a post Breaking Bad Saul Goodman
working at a Cinnabon that
we see in “Better Call Saul”?
And since this is titled
as a “Breaking Bad” movie,
does that mean that we
could get more movies
set in the same universe
checking in on other characters?
We do not yet know
but we are definitely looking
forward to “El Camino”
when it drops on Netflix on October 11.
But what do you all think?
Are you excited for “El
Camino” like we are?
Do you think the show was all a dream
in Hal’s head from Malcolm in the Middle?
Think about it.
And of course are you looking forward
to the “Breaking Bad” “Star
Wars” crossover film El Camino
about a group of clones
who start cooking spice
on the planet Camino?
Let’s discuss.
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