Types of Recreation Vehicles

RV ChoicesRecreation Vehicles are another by-product of America’s fondness of luxury and are now available in several grades or versions. These Recreation Vehicles or RVs as they are called, come with large bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms, and have amenities that can put even a decent apartment to shame. The sale and purchase of these vehicles have risen considerably in the recent years and have subsequently given rise to a lot of questions like, what are the classes of Recreational Vehicles? And, which should I choose?

Recreational Vehicles are being launched by several big automobile brands including BMW.  BMW has been associated with Recreational vehicles since 1986 with Vixen 21td, which was a Class-A RV powered by diesel.  BMW Repair San Antonio services RV’s at their shop.

Here we attempt to address some of the frequently asked questions about recreational vehicles that will help you decide what type is the best for you.

What are the classes of Recreational Vehicles?

The recreational vehicles, also known as Motor homes, have been broadly categorized into the following 3 classes:

1.  Class A

This is the most luxurious and extravagant class. The huge size at times poses a challenge to mobility. These vehicles run on gasoline or diesel. School or commercial grade buses are normally modified to create a Class a RV.

 2.  Class B

These are small in size and hence easier to manoeuvre. They can comfortably accommodate one or two adults. These also come with an engine that supports both gasoline and diesel.  These give an appearance of an extra-large van.

3.  Class C

These are sized between class A and B. An entire family or group can travel in these. Their mileage with gas is also mid-way between class A and B.

Other Options

But beyond these classes of RV’s there are other options available to the Recreation Vehicle buyer.


So, here we have some options of Towable Recreational Vehicles that are available in the market.

Travel Trailers

A regular trailer frame is taken and the RV is built on top of it.

5th Wheel Trailer

These are similar to the Travel Trailers apart from the fact that they got an additional connector of the gooseneck type.

Folding and Tent Trailers

These come with interestingly dynamic compartments that can be collapsed. This makes them lighter, easier to tow but adds additional time to set up and take down.  Another disadvantage is they are difficult to use for quick stops while traveling as they need to be set up in order to be used.

Toy Hauler

These come with two compartments – front and rear. The compartment on the rear is used for storing sport or adventure equipment.


Owners of RV’s have different priorities and ideas of what is the perfect RV.  You need to decide if you are looking for luxury, ease of use, portability.  How many people in your family will make a difference?  The type of camping locations you like to visit.  All these things need to be considered.  So, now are aware of your many choices and some of the features of each one you can narrow your choices down to what is going to work best for you.