Items To Check On The RV Besides The Engine Components

Getting ready for that first Road Trip of the season requires a little bit of extra attention on your RV. Most importantly if your  moving temporary home has been parked for a few months.

We all know the basic maintenance engine checks, right? When was the engine oil and filter last replaced, is the power steering fluid ok, transmission fluid at the correct level. Also those very important batteries that start everything. This also includes the tire condition on the RV and correct tire pressures.

In addition to the engine there are other items on your RV that should be serviced after it has been in storage and before you take it out for the first trip of the year.  These are some of those items that might require some maintenance.  BMW Repair Baltimore wants to suggests that taking a few minutes to check these things out before your first trip can save you some frustration on your vacation.


Extend your awnings on a sunny day to make sure the mechanisms operate freely and lock securely.   If there is any moisture on the cover, you can wash it off with a mild solution of dishwashing soap and a soft brush.  Let the cover dry completely before closing it up.

Propane System

Check that your propane tanks are full.  Check that the connections are tight. Again using a solution of dish soap on the connections will help indicate any gas leaks.  If there are any leaks replace your hoses before your first trip.


As we mentioned before, the engine batteries are very important to a successful RV experience. Check to see if the water in the battery is at the proper level, and that the batteries are holding a charge.

AC and Heater

Most RV’s have an Air Conditioner A/C unit and a heater system. Critters and other things like to take up residence in those areas while the RV is in storage. A quick look around these parts can save a lot of frustration later.

Fresh Water Tank

Make sure that any old water is drained out of the water tank before refilling the tank. The water tank should be filled before any water heater testing is done. It also is a good time to test the water pump system on the RV and make sure the toilet and shower are working correctly.