How To Diagnose A Check Engine Light On My RV

A shinning or blinking check engine light is one of the most confusing and frustrating warnings for many RV drivers. The reason for this confusion is that the light does not tell you anything specific or what the problem is. This leaves many people guessing what the problem might be. Of course, it might be a malfunction in the RV’s system emission or in the engine but the best approach is to the problem diagnosed.

Options for diagnosing a check engine light

Murrieta Tire & Auto Repair wants you to know that you have a few options whenever you want to diagnose a check engine light. You can either diagnose the check engine light yourself using a scanner tool or mobile app. You can also get the problem diagnosed at the mechanic shop, dealer or auto parts store.

Using a scan tool

To use a scan tool, all you need is to connect the tool into your RV’s OBD-II port. This port is found under the dashboard on the driver’s side. Once you have connected your scan tool, the next step is to turn the car key on without starting the engine. The next step is to enter the make and model of your RV, the VIN, engine type and any other information required on the scan tool.   Using the tool, you will have an option to troubleshoot the problem, text explanation of the trouble code and get the trouble codes. If there is no explanation for the trouble codes, you can search on the internet for more information about those trouble codes.

Using Dash mobile app

This app allows you to store crucial information about your recreational vehicle, track your driving, track your fuel and diagnose check engine lights. All you need is to download an iOS or Android version of this app and plug it into your RV’s OBD-II port.   The next step is to turn on your recreational vehicle and let your phone pair with the OBD-II adapter. Then open your Dash app on your phone to access the tool’s interface. Then tab the car icon on the bottom left side of the app’s interface to access the Garage. Scroll to find the recreational vehicle you’re connected to at the moment. Tap the Engine Alerts button on the displayed vehicle to get more information about your RV’s error codes.

Mechanic Shop/ Dealer/ Auto Parts Store

You can also take your recreational vehicle to auto parts stores like AutoZone, mechanic shop or dealer to get the check engine light diagnosed. Some of the advantages of taking your RV to these locations to get the check engine light diagnosed is that you get an in-depth diagnosis accompanied by a repair estimate