How Often Do I Need To Service The Brakes On My RV?

I have come across RVers who told me that they don’t have their brake systems serviced until they really feel guilty about it. The truth is that when you treat your RV this way, you could be on your way to losing it. In terms of maintenance, an RV is a vehicle like any other. Good maintenance means better service for a longer time. That’s why you should have your brake system serviced at the right time. So, how often do you need to service the brakes on your RV?  The technicians at DJZ Automotive want you to consider the following criteria when deciding for your RV.

If you really want your RV to serve you well, you should have its brakes checked and serviced every year. The most recommended time is actually when you’ve covered just over 6,000 miles or 9,500 kilometers. It also doesn’t matter how often you take your camper out. Even if you drive it once or twice every year, the brakes should be checked at least once every 15 months.

If you think you’ll not remember when to service the brakes, having special self-adjusting RV brakes can be of great help. RVers who have installed self-adjusting models often don’t have to manually adjust their systems. It is also important to note that if most of your trips are during wet weather, the brake systems should be flushed more often.

It is a wise thing to have a professional look at your brakes because you might not have enough experience to do it yourself. In many instances, the brakes of an RV are totally different from those of other vehicles. Still, it is important to know what to look out for because a problem may just come up when you’re out on a trip. Having a regular check on the brakes in between service schedules can help to pinpoint a unique problem the moment it comes up.

Always pay special attention to adjustments, cleaning and inspection. During an inspection, check for cracked, separated or oil-saturated shoe linings. All such linings should be replaced completely. When conducting a routine inspection, make sure the whole assembly is clean and dust-free. If your camper uses a hydraulic system, an inspection should be focused on brake pads, linings, drums and the rotor. These are most prone to wear and tear.

There you have it now. There is actually no best schedule for checking your RV’s brakes. Make it a habit of doing it regularly. For those DIY masters out there, please make sure you have a professional mechanic check the brakes at least once in a year.