Tips For RV Camping With Pets

Many people travel in recreational vehicles (RV) as it is inexpensive and allows them to visit any place they wish conveniently. Many of those who travel in a RV bring their pet with them, usually a dog or cat, though sometimes they may be a bird or even a rabbit.  Auto Repair San Clemente brings you these tips to make traveling with your pet a better experience for everyone.

Some RV camping grounds do not allow pets, or may impose restrictions, so it is advisable for a vehicle owner with pets to check with the campground before they arrive, so that they do not face any problem while camping.  Many RV campers are using directories to find a suitable camping ground, so it is advisable to check the rules of the ground regarding camping with pets. While some camping grounds do not allow pets at all, other grounds may restrict the size of the pet, for example dogs of weight more than 25 pounds may not be allowed. Many dogs will bark loudly when their owner is away, disturbing others at the camp, so some RV camps will not allow pet dogs. So it is highly recommended that the pet owner contacts the camping site in advance, to check the latest terms and conditions regarding camping with pets. This can ensure that the camper does not waste his time, visiting a camp, only to be turned away due to the pet related rules.

Many of the camps for RVs have sufficient area around the vehicle being parked, which can be used to allow the pet roam freely. The camper can install a temporary fence around the vehicle, so that the pet does not wander away. The camp grounds which allow pets also have an area for the pet potty, and the pet owner is supposed to clean up after the pet. The camper is responsible for the behavior of the pet, so it is advisable to carry a leash, so that the pet does not attack or bite other campers on the ground.

Traveling can be strenuous and tiring for the pet also, so it is advisable to check the health of the pet before taking the pet along for RV travel. It is also recommended that the pet has the necessary vaccinations so that the dog does not fall ill at a later date. It is advisable that the pet has necessary collars and IDs so that if the pet is missing, it is easy to trace the pet.

In many camp grounds, it is not advisable to keep the pet outdoors at night, because wild animals like coyotes may attack and eat the pet so you will want to make plans to have your pet sleep inside your RV or vehicle.

With a little advance research and complying with rules, will make camping with dogs and other pets a pleasant experience for both the owner of the pets and the other campers.

How Often Do I Need To Service The Brakes On My RV?

I have come across RVers who told me that they don’t have their brake systems serviced until they really feel guilty about it. The truth is that when you treat your RV this way, you could be on your way to losing it. In terms of maintenance, an RV is a vehicle like any other. Good maintenance means better service for a longer time. That’s why you should have your brake system serviced at the right time. So, how often do you need to service the brakes on your RV?  The technicians at DJZ Automotive want you to consider the following criteria when deciding for your RV.

If you really want your RV to serve you well, you should have its brakes checked and serviced every year. The most recommended time is actually when you’ve covered just over 6,000 miles or 9,500 kilometers. It also doesn’t matter how often you take your camper out. Even if you drive it once or twice every year, the brakes should be checked at least once every 15 months.

If you think you’ll not remember when to service the brakes, having special self-adjusting RV brakes can be of great help. RVers who have installed self-adjusting models often don’t have to manually adjust their systems. It is also important to note that if most of your trips are during wet weather, the brake systems should be flushed more often.

It is a wise thing to have a professional look at your brakes because you might not have enough experience to do it yourself. In many instances, the brakes of an RV are totally different from those of other vehicles. Still, it is important to know what to look out for because a problem may just come up when you’re out on a trip. Having a regular check on the brakes in between service schedules can help to pinpoint a unique problem the moment it comes up.

Always pay special attention to adjustments, cleaning and inspection. During an inspection, check for cracked, separated or oil-saturated shoe linings. All such linings should be replaced completely. When conducting a routine inspection, make sure the whole assembly is clean and dust-free. If your camper uses a hydraulic system, an inspection should be focused on brake pads, linings, drums and the rotor. These are most prone to wear and tear.

There you have it now. There is actually no best schedule for checking your RV’s brakes. Make it a habit of doing it regularly. For those DIY masters out there, please make sure you have a professional mechanic check the brakes at least once in a year.

4 Great RV Destinations In Mid-western US

Now that you have taken care of all the Auto Repair you are ready to hit the road in your RV, don’t miss out on these 4 great RV destinations in mid-western US. They offer everything that appeals to adventure-seeking RV travelers.    Whether you are looking for a camping ground or simple a place to soak into the beauty of nature while you make some amazing memories, these destinations offer it all.

1.     Mount Rushmore in South Dakota

This is a really a perfect place to explore in your RV along with your little ones. Along with camping, they can also enjoy while they learn something about the American history. The open-air cowboy shows are also some of the attractions which your kids will surely love.   Enjoy some quiet bonding time while you camp along the beautiful mountain meadow of Mount Rushmore. The best day for visiting here is Independence Day when you can experience much more festivities than the normal days. You can also plan a hike to the nearby Black-Hills National Forest. This destination is a perfect combination of nature, history and fun.

2.     Hayward, Wisconsin

If you are looking to spend a fulfilled weekend in a calm and serene atmosphere free from the hustles and bustles of ordinary life, this is a perfect place for you. You will get to experience themed weekend specially designed for families.   While they offer a water park, open movie theatre and DJs, this place also has a capacity to house more than 150 RV for camping along with 31 cabins. You can also rent kayaks and tubes to spend some time exploring the nature in the nearby Namekagon River. This campground has won many awards for its unparalleled amenities and amazing camping experience.

3.     Wilderness State-Park at the Carp Lake, Michigan

Stretched over 10,000 acres, this park is a blessing for all nature lovers. With a phenomenally beautiful sunset view over the lake, you also get to enjoy a hike through the wildlife around it. If you are lucky enough, you can spot some eagles and bears too.    The place accommodates 250 beautiful camping sites with a view of the lake. The constant wind blowing through the lake keeps the campsite bugs free. And like the two we have discussed above, the site equally offers adventurous and intimate camping experience which you can enjoy with your family and loved ones.

4.     Eugene Mahoney State-Park in Ashland, Nebraska

A family oriented park packed with lots of activities for all ages, this park is a must visit for all families on an RV trip.   You can explore its magical waters in slides and pools or take your chances at golfing in the mini-golf course. With tons of entertainment and food options, this state park will surely offer you the pleasant feeling of home away from home.

Tires – Important Maintenance You’ll Be Glad You Did

After years of considerable use, you might find a few parts in your RV that need your attention. BMW Repair Detroit points out that one of the prime ones will be the tires. Lets face it, this is the case with every vehicle in the world. Tires wear out and that is a universal truth.  Tires are the point of contact between the vehicle and the road. Different types of road surfaces over the years leave a telling effect on the tires and even timely maintenance can only stall the need for replacements for some more time.

Tires lose their tread and with it their protection against punctures. Tires without recommended levels of tread create dangerous driving conditions since there is lack of road-grip.  It is imperative that you keep a check on the tire wear-out process and do your bit in maintaining their condition. At any time, the tread-depth in your car tires should be more than 4/32 of an inch. You can use a tread-measuring device for this purpose that is available at almost all local auto parts stores.  Among many practices of tire maintenance, you can make sure the air pressure in your car tires is always maintained at recommended levels. Over-inflation as well as under-inflation can seriously harm tires.

Apart from that you should keep a check on the wear-out process by inspecting the tires at regular intervals. You should also check whether the tires are properly aligned by having an alignment done after every 6 to 8 months. Also, you should practice tire rotation after regular intervals so that all tires wear out evenly.  These practices will definitely help stall the wear-out process by at least a few years but what happens after that? Tire replacement is a reality faced by every motorist at some point in time. If your vehicle is around 6-8 years old, you should seriously consider replacing the tires with ones that have a better tread. That does not mean you need to buy brand new tires. New tires cost a lot and if there is an option to have tires with decent tread at one-third the price of new ones, why not take it.  It is a fact that after 6-8 years of use, you should replace your old tires. But for how many more years would you use the same vehicle? May be 4-5 years more. Any more than that and you know that your vehicle might become a liability owing to the constant need for repairs and maintenance.

RV Camping With Kids

Anyone who has had kids knows the feeling of them during summer when they can get cooped up in the house with nothing to do with themselves. Camping is fun for all within the family and can be especially nice when there is an RV involved. You can still enjoy camping, but also within the comforts of your temporary home. And with a family, its good to sometimes bring along comfort with you.  Here are some tips from

Find a place you Enjoy

No matter where you live, there should be a number of spots you can be able to take your RV and camp. It could be along a river, a lake, or the middle of the woods. No matter the location, there is a number of things you can do with your kids in order to enjoy yourselves away from home.

One benefit of the RV and of camping is that you are able to bring along your family pet (dog; please do not bring along the pet fish). It is not only a good opportunity to for your kids to get fresh air, but for your dogs. And in some locations, with bear and other wildlife, it may be good to have a dog with you for some protection.

Plan Ahead

Before setting out for your journey, plan ahead and make sure to pack everything you need. And then some more, especially items that may be for “what if” scenarios. Because those what-ifs could actually happen. Such as a sudden change in weather, or an accidental skinned knee. Along with this, before leaving your house, I recommend having an outing for you and your kids in the RV.

Make note of every trip you have to go back to the house in order to grab another item to survive the night and make sure to bring those items when you actually do go on the trip.  When you arrive on site, make sure to try to keep things as routine as possible. I know you are going camping in order to shake up things and have fun, but there can be a little too much shaken, and it would be easier overall if things were to stay as routine as possible.

Make a Memory

Make plans for each day and try to stick with it. Keep everyone in the loop and make sure to enjoy yourselves. It may not always go as planned, in fact, it might be even more chaotic than at home, but make sure to take heart in all the laughter and smiles you do see.

How to Know if Your RV Engine Is Ready for a 2.000 Mile Road Trip

Recreation has lots of benefits. It has positive impacts on many of the aspects of our life – health, social, intelligence and emotion. However, you can only have the best of your recreation when your recreational vehicle in good condition.

What Is Recreational Vehicle?

A recreational vehicle also called RV, encompasses any motor vehicle and towable vehicle (trailer) that has a temporary living quarter. The overall benefit is that it makes you feel at home while on recreation. Nevertheless, you will have to run a thorough check on your RV to ascertain if it is ready for the trip lest it spoils your recreation. Auto Repair Modesto would like to provide you with RV engine maintenance tips you need to adopt so as to ensure that your RV engine is ready for a 2000 mile road trip.

How to Know if Your RV Engine Is Ready for A 2,000 Miles Road Trip

1.       The Oil Level

Check your Rv oil level in order to prevent the subsequent expensive repairs. Ensure that the oil level is at the full mark, and if it is below the mark, top it up. Furthermore, you can carry out a thorough check to be sure there is no leakage.

2.       The Filters

Check all the filters, such as oil filter, fuel filter, water filter and hydraulic oil filter. Do not hesitate to change any damaged filter. It is important you run this check.

3.       The Battery

Check the battery to know if it is in a good condition. If necessary, add distilled water; otherwise, look for a replacement.

4.       The Spark Arrester

A spark arrester prevents the emission of exhaust smoke, which can even result in a fire outbreak. So you will have to clean it regularly. Cleaning it is simple, just start the generator and run it for 5 munites so as to get rid of the carbon deposits.

5.       The Break

For your safety, check your brake and ensure that it in good shape, if it is delivering a perfect grip and stoppage.

6.       The Engine Coolant

Run a check on the coolant and ensure that it is in perfect condition. A damaged coolant can damage the engine as corrosive bubbles begin to build-up on the outer walls of the engine cylinder sleeve.

7.       Belts and Hoses

Check all the belts and hoses and ensure there is no leakage. If a replacement is necessary, do not hesitate to do so.

8.       Fuel-Water Separator

Before you embark on the trip, it is vital to drain water in the fuel-water separator as a delay in doing so results in expensive repairs.

Once you have properly run the above-mentioned check, be rest assured that your RV is ready for the recreational trip.

Great RV Destinations In Texas

At Newmans Automotive Repair we know Texas.  When looking for the Great RV destinations Texas has it all:  romance, heritage, and action all in the right places to keep you hooked every time. Here are just a few highlights.

Head down to the historic border town of El Paso. You have heard a lot about this place, now it’s time to experience it for yourself. Even though it is a full-fledged modern town now, this border town of Texas still has its old southwest roots left. Visit this place for its natural beauty and the new age architectural wonders. There’s so much to do here that you might just want to book a hotel here for a few days.

When looking for some romance, look no further than the romantic country hills of Texas. If you haven’t held hands and walked on into the sunset over a Texan country hill, you are missing something very beautiful. The undulating plains, the clear streams, and the amazingly fresh country air will always work its magic on you. So leave your city humdrum behind and kick up your feet. It is the best way to bond with your soul mate.

Looking for the truly Texan delights? Go over to Luling Texas. This is the home of the Great Bar-B-Q, Watermelons and the Zelda Mill Paddling Trail and Pumpjack characters.

If you looking for a small town feel but also want to stay close to some of the comforts of the big city, book a stay in the town of Mansfield. This is the perfect place to strike the balance and get some quality time out all by yourself, with that special person or the entire family for that matter. Get them all over to Texas for a great vacation.

If you thought Texas was all about the cowboys and the hills, think again. Texas has over 300 miles of coastline that borders the Gulf of Mexico. Taking a beach vacation in Texas will not only allow you to enjoy some of the fine beaches that this part of the country has to offer but it will also give quick access to some of the best vacation destinations along the Texan beach. Corpus Christ Texas being one of them.  It has mile after mile of beautiful beaches and gives you a chance to experience some great maritime adventures aboard the many sailboats that remain harbored in this area.

Visit the Padre Island National Seashore – a very remote area that hardly has a match in the world.

When interested in art, visiting Richardson is a must. This suburban town has won multiple awards for it rich cultural experience. From visual arts to music, it has multiple festivals that draw a regular crowd from all around the country. You will meet many musicians, artists in this town get a chance to interact with some of the best of them.

What maintenance should you do before your first trip of the year

Summer is coming, meaning that it’s time for amazing road trips across the country. Therefore, don’t let some problems with your vehicles stop your summer travels. Those people who neglect to perform a quick mechanical check – even in new RV’s – before starting their tips might face the risks of being be stranded. So what maintenance should you do before your first trip of the year? You can bring it to us at Advanced Auto Repair, your local mechanic shop or do these checks your self.  Below are just a few reminders of what you should be checking:

1. Engine Oil

Check the levels of oil in your engine and the date that you are due for an oil chan, preferably in the driveway before you start a first long trip. If you are close to an oil-change interval recommended by the manufacturer in the manual, then immediately do before your trip.

2. Transmission And Fluids

Pay attention to the other fluid reservoirs in your vehicle? Both your drive axle and transmission come with their own lubricant supplies. Check the manufacturer’s manual guide for their change interval since they are a little bit longer than oils in the engine. You can do this yourself or have your replacing manual transmission oil or different liquids at a small charge.

3. Engine Coolant

New car models are often designed with engine coolant that is able to go from 100000 to 150000 miles. So if your vehicle is less than 4 years old, it is better to check if the coolant reservoir under the hood is topped up.

4. Tread And Tire Pressure

Tires are the part of your car that comes in direct contact with the road. It is important for you safety to check them out. Many drivers believe that the correct tire pressure is often listed on the tires themselves. But in fact, the number on the tires is basically the maximum pressure that these tires can accommodate and, when combined with extreme speeds or heat, would result in a blowout.   If you have a question on the correct pressure, check with your local shop.

5. Brake System

Brake fluids are often classified into 2 main type: DOT4 and DOT3 to demonstrate their capability to attract and absorb moisture. As these substances get older, they turn the colors of maple syrup and start rusting other brake parts. So make sure to flush this area at least once every 2 or 3 years and it is a good idea do perform this service before starting your road trip across the country.