I’m Erik,

I love the outdoors and nearly any kind of RV. I started helping my dad hitch up our trailer and we took it all over the Western USA.

One of my most vivid memories was going to Bryce National Park, we were expecting a nice warm visit to Bryce. This was not the case.

You see back when I was camping at 15 years old with my family, our family would sleep inside the 27 Foot Wilderness Trailer. That slept 4, since there were 6 of us.

The two eldest boys were politely KICKED out of the trailer to set up a 10 by 10 tent.

When we arrived later in the afternoon, we quickly set up the trailer and tent. Did our campfire, smores and the whole 9. It was a bit chilly but there was still dirt under our feet.

When my brother and I woke up the next morning there was 1 foot of snow everywhere you looked. Which meant we had to nearly dig our way out of the tent and go pound on the trailer door to keep from freezing.

I’ll never forget that. Thinking back about it now, we must of had some awesome sleeping bags to not get woken in the middle of the night from the cold.

You never know what’s going to happen when camping. I can’t count the number of times an issue came up, brake lights stopped working when crossing Texas. A tire blew out in the middle of Yellowstone. Or getting the trailer stuck in the parking ticket booth at six flags magic mountain.

That one was embarrassing.

Since you never know whats going to happen, you must be prepared. Which is why I created this blog.

The care and maintenance of an RV is paramount to a good trip. There is nothing like a tire blowing out or forgetting a 100K service to put your vacation at a standstill.

Wheather it’s a trailer, campervan or a full blow leisure bus. These tips and advice will help you stay safe on the road and also enjoying your vacation.

Please leave any comments you have or stories you have experienced by click here! I would love to add it to future content for others to enjoy and learn from our legendary unexpected travel (unwanted) adventures. Most of the time when you look back at them they are pretty funny.

I hope you enjoy!!



This is my dream Leisure Vehicle and destination. The moment it happens. You all will know!