4 great RV destinations in Western US

4 great RV destinations in Western US

Ever since I was a kid, there was nothing more enjoyable than heading out in the family RV during vacations. While this might be an old tradition for most Americans, most of us can agree that being on an RV road trip is still one of the coolest things even today. The thrill, however, is never complete when you’ve not yet been to one of the awesome RV destinations in the country. Because any RVer will tell you that nearly all the greatest RV parks and campgrounds are found in the west, we recommend these four great RV destinations in Western US.

The Chula Vista RV Resort in California

Hybrid Repair San Diego, this is very close to home for us.  Any RVer who makes their way to San Diego knows they can never get enough of Chula Vista. With amenities like clubrooms, gyms and luxurious pools, Chula Vista offers visitors a perfect getaway experience. The resort is awesomely landscaped to give nice marina and bay views. The common reason why this resort is popular is because once there, you can choose from seven unique site styles at amazingly reasonable rates.

The 7th Ranch RV Park in Montana  

Overlooking a striking countryside view, the 7th Ranch RV Park hosts one of the best cowboy cabins in the west. This paradise also gives you an exclusive closeness to the Little Bighorn National Monument in Garryowen, Montana. It is the perfect destination for all those Wild West dreamers out there. At 7th Ranch, the rates are constant all year round and so you won’t have to worry about booking early to avoid the inflation experienced elsewhere.

The Angel Fire RV Resort in New Mexico 

This facility lies in an inviting environment perfect for camping and high mountain living. Being on the Angel Fire gives the visitor a special touch of history. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is just within the precincts of the resort and visiting it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. They also have extra amenities to cater for RV groups and rallies. Day trips into the forests of New Mexico are also something to look forward to while on the Angel Fire resort.

The Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort in Texas

Ok, Texas isn’t really part of the Western US but we like this one so much, we wanted to include it.  Rated as one of the best mid-size RV resorts in the country, the Bentsen Palm Village RV resort is the perfect destination for any RVer. It is well known for luxurious amenities and the professional staff always ready to serve the great number of clients received all year round. The resort was also awarded for being the best master planned development in the state of Texas. Its activities-for-all policy guarantees the desired flexibility to accommodate everybody and anybody.