Items To Check On The RV Besides The Engine Components

Getting ready for that first Road Trip of the season requires a little bit of extra attention on your RV. Most importantly if your  moving temporary home has been parked for a few months.

We all know the basic maintenance engine checks, right? When was the engine oil and filter last replaced, is the power steering fluid ok, transmission fluid at the correct level. Also those very important batteries that start everything. This also includes the tire condition on the RV and correct tire pressures.

In addition to the engine there are other items on your RV that should be serviced after it has been in storage and before you take it out for the first trip of the year.  These are some of those items that might require some maintenance.  BMW Repair Baltimore wants to suggests that taking a few minutes to check these things out before your first trip can save you some frustration on your vacation.


Extend your awnings on a sunny day to make sure the mechanisms operate freely and lock securely.   If there is any moisture on the cover, you can wash it off with a mild solution of dishwashing soap and a soft brush.  Let the cover dry completely before closing it up.

Propane System

Check that your propane tanks are full.  Check that the connections are tight. Again using a solution of dish soap on the connections will help indicate any gas leaks.  If there are any leaks replace your hoses before your first trip.


As we mentioned before, the engine batteries are very important to a successful RV experience. Check to see if the water in the battery is at the proper level, and that the batteries are holding a charge.

AC and Heater

Most RV’s have an Air Conditioner A/C unit and a heater system. Critters and other things like to take up residence in those areas while the RV is in storage. A quick look around these parts can save a lot of frustration later.

Fresh Water Tank

Make sure that any old water is drained out of the water tank before refilling the tank. The water tank should be filled before any water heater testing is done. It also is a good time to test the water pump system on the RV and make sure the toilet and shower are working correctly.

4 great RV destinations in Western US

4 great RV destinations in Western US

Ever since I was a kid, there was nothing more enjoyable than heading out in the family RV during vacations. While this might be an old tradition for most Americans, most of us can agree that being on an RV road trip is still one of the coolest things even today. The thrill, however, is never complete when you’ve not yet been to one of the awesome RV destinations in the country. Because any RVer will tell you that nearly all the greatest RV parks and campgrounds are found in the west, we recommend these four great RV destinations in Western US.

The Chula Vista RV Resort in California

Hybrid Repair San Diego, this is very close to home for us.  Any RVer who makes their way to San Diego knows they can never get enough of Chula Vista. With amenities like clubrooms, gyms and luxurious pools, Chula Vista offers visitors a perfect getaway experience. The resort is awesomely landscaped to give nice marina and bay views. The common reason why this resort is popular is because once there, you can choose from seven unique site styles at amazingly reasonable rates.

The 7th Ranch RV Park in Montana  

Overlooking a striking countryside view, the 7th Ranch RV Park hosts one of the best cowboy cabins in the west. This paradise also gives you an exclusive closeness to the Little Bighorn National Monument in Garryowen, Montana. It is the perfect destination for all those Wild West dreamers out there. At 7th Ranch, the rates are constant all year round and so you won’t have to worry about booking early to avoid the inflation experienced elsewhere.

The Angel Fire RV Resort in New Mexico 

This facility lies in an inviting environment perfect for camping and high mountain living. Being on the Angel Fire gives the visitor a special touch of history. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is just within the precincts of the resort and visiting it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. They also have extra amenities to cater for RV groups and rallies. Day trips into the forests of New Mexico are also something to look forward to while on the Angel Fire resort.

The Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort in Texas

Ok, Texas isn’t really part of the Western US but we like this one so much, we wanted to include it.  Rated as one of the best mid-size RV resorts in the country, the Bentsen Palm Village RV resort is the perfect destination for any RVer. It is well known for luxurious amenities and the professional staff always ready to serve the great number of clients received all year round. The resort was also awarded for being the best master planned development in the state of Texas. Its activities-for-all policy guarantees the desired flexibility to accommodate everybody and anybody.

Top 4 common engine repairs on your RV

Recreational vehicles are a great way to get away from your daily busy life and enjoy an extended trip or long weekend across the country.  At Jorge Alonso Auto Repair we all look forward to our time away.  But just like any real home, there might be some common problems that you will face over time, which require special attention. Below are top most common engine repairs on your RV.

  1. Window and roof leaks You might think that your RV is quite similar to your home. However, the truth is that it is not almost as structurally sound since everything from low-hanging tree branches to poor weather or sunlight can significantly damage the roof of your RV. Thus, it is advisable to cover your RV’s roof with a durable cover to reduce exposure to the damaging components. Similarly, windows can also leak, often as the results of the sealing breaking down. Therefore, you should check their seals at least two times a month and perform a replacement when you notice the first signs of damage.
  2. Cracked water lines A cracked water pump or broken water line is probably one of the most common issues in an RV. In most cases, you can avoid it by storing your vehicle correctly during a cold season or emptying its water tanks frequently. If you tend to ignore your water tanks, be informed of the weather forecast and make sure to empty them before they get frozen.
  3. Battery failure A recreational vehicle without power might lose most of its appeal. When the lights do not turn on, the motor does not start, or the outlet does not operate, it is likely that there is something wrong with your battery. Therefore, it is advisable to test the levels of fluid in your RV’s battery regularly and check the charge to ensure that it is still working correctly. It is also a good idea to disconnect the cables of the battery when your RV is not in use, which can keep electrical devices from taking power from the battery.
  4. User errors It is not surprising that there are many problems coming from simple mistakes of the RV users. Thus, make sure to pay attention to simple things while using this vehicle. For example, remember to disconnect the hoses attached to the RV once you’ve finished at a campsite and prepare to move on. In addition, it is important to close any slide room and take down the awning. Take the time to make sure that you’ve properly closed up and saved yourself from trouble.

Great RV destinations in the South

The southern part of the United States offers an unlimited variety of backpacking, tent and RV camping locations. At Auto Repair Tampa Bay, here are we want to share with you some of our favorite areas to escape to.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee

Open year round and located on the border of North Carolina and Tennessee, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is home to one of the most biologically diverse forests in the country.  There are many amazing places to camp while visiting the historic log buildings, waterfalls, and learning about the Appalachian Mountain.

The park offers several different types of campsites

  • Back Packing – campers will hike several miles to camp sites located in the park’s backcountry.
  • You can also camp near your car in a developed campground areas that have restrooms with cold running water and flush toilets. The Front Country would be your best choice.
  • Group Campgrounds are available with campsites for groups of eight people or more.
  • Horse Camps are accessible by vehicle and offer hitch racks for horses with primitive camping facilities.

Pisgah National Forest, North Carolina

The Pisgah National Forest is known as the Land of the Waterfalls. It is a land of mile-high peaks, cascading waterfalls, heavily forested slopes and hundreds of miles of hiking trails.

Here you can experience a range of day hikes or overnight backpacking.  It also is the home to the first School of Forestry in the United States. In addition to that, it has two of the first designated wilderness areas in the US.

Assateague Island, Maryland

Assateague Island is a barrier island off the coast of Maryland and Virginia.  This island is 37-miles-long and has beautiful beaches, many salt marshes, lots of forests, and intriguing bays. A unique attraction is that it is an island where wild horses roam free. Camping is only allowed on the Maryland side of the island.

Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, Georgia

Okefenokee Swamp is an animal refuge and breeding ground for migratory birds and some of the region’s most unique wildlife. This swamp is surrounded by the 120-mile Wilderness Trail System and is a home to many endangered species.

Visitors can enjoy taking a canoe or kayak ride along the trail system to the designated campsites. Check out the information before you travel as permits are required for camping.

William B. Bankhead National Forest, Alabama

This large National Forest covers 3,5012 acres that includes amazing waterfalls, camping areas for tents and RVs, and many hiking trails. The best time to visit this area is during the rainy season.  Campers can choose between improved and primitive campgrounds, and a lodge with a restaurant for real food.

Enjoy your Road Trip and let us know what your favorite escape spot is.

Happy Camping!

How To Diagnose A Check Engine Light On My RV

A shinning or blinking check engine light is one of the most confusing and frustrating warnings for many RV drivers. The reason for this confusion is that the light does not tell you anything specific or what the problem is. This leaves many people guessing what the problem might be. Of course, it might be a malfunction in the RV’s system emission or in the engine but the best approach is to the problem diagnosed.

Options for diagnosing a check engine light

Murrieta Tire & Auto Repair wants you to know that you have a few options whenever you want to diagnose a check engine light. You can either diagnose the check engine light yourself using a scanner tool or mobile app. You can also get the problem diagnosed at the mechanic shop, dealer or auto parts store.

Using a scan tool

To use a scan tool, all you need is to connect the tool into your RV’s OBD-II port. This port is found under the dashboard on the driver’s side. Once you have connected your scan tool, the next step is to turn the car key on without starting the engine. The next step is to enter the make and model of your RV, the VIN, engine type and any other information required on the scan tool.   Using the tool, you will have an option to troubleshoot the problem, text explanation of the trouble code and get the trouble codes. If there is no explanation for the trouble codes, you can search on the internet for more information about those trouble codes.

Using Dash mobile app

This app allows you to store crucial information about your recreational vehicle, track your driving, track your fuel and diagnose check engine lights. All you need is to download an iOS or Android version of this app and plug it into your RV’s OBD-II port.   The next step is to turn on your recreational vehicle and let your phone pair with the OBD-II adapter. Then open your Dash app on your phone to access the tool’s interface. Then tab the car icon on the bottom left side of the app’s interface to access the Garage. Scroll to find the recreational vehicle you’re connected to at the moment. Tap the Engine Alerts button on the displayed vehicle to get more information about your RV’s error codes.

Mechanic Shop/ Dealer/ Auto Parts Store

You can also take your recreational vehicle to auto parts stores like AutoZone, mechanic shop or dealer to get the check engine light diagnosed. Some of the advantages of taking your RV to these locations to get the check engine light diagnosed is that you get an in-depth diagnosis accompanied by a repair estimate

Types of Recreation Vehicles

RV ChoicesRecreation Vehicles are another by-product of America’s fondness of luxury and are now available in several grades or versions. These Recreation Vehicles or RVs as they are called, come with large bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms, and have amenities that can put even a decent apartment to shame. The sale and purchase of these vehicles have risen considerably in the recent years and have subsequently given rise to a lot of questions like, what are the classes of Recreational Vehicles? And, which should I choose?

Recreational Vehicles are being launched by several big automobile brands including BMW.  BMW has been associated with Recreational vehicles since 1986 with Vixen 21td, which was a Class-A RV powered by diesel.  BMW Repair San Antonio services RV’s at their shop.

Here we attempt to address some of the frequently asked questions about recreational vehicles that will help you decide what type is the best for you.

What are the classes of Recreational Vehicles?

The recreational vehicles, also known as Motor homes, have been broadly categorized into the following 3 classes:

1.  Class A

This is the most luxurious and extravagant class. The huge size at times poses a challenge to mobility. These vehicles run on gasoline or diesel. School or commercial grade buses are normally modified to create a Class a RV.

 2.  Class B

These are small in size and hence easier to manoeuvre. They can comfortably accommodate one or two adults. These also come with an engine that supports both gasoline and diesel.  These give an appearance of an extra-large van.

3.  Class C

These are sized between class A and B. An entire family or group can travel in these. Their mileage with gas is also mid-way between class A and B.

Other Options

But beyond these classes of RV’s there are other options available to the Recreation Vehicle buyer.


So, here we have some options of Towable Recreational Vehicles that are available in the market.

Travel Trailers

A regular trailer frame is taken and the RV is built on top of it.

5th Wheel Trailer

These are similar to the Travel Trailers apart from the fact that they got an additional connector of the gooseneck type.

Folding and Tent Trailers

These come with interestingly dynamic compartments that can be collapsed. This makes them lighter, easier to tow but adds additional time to set up and take down.  Another disadvantage is they are difficult to use for quick stops while traveling as they need to be set up in order to be used.

Toy Hauler

These come with two compartments – front and rear. The compartment on the rear is used for storing sport or adventure equipment.


Owners of RV’s have different priorities and ideas of what is the perfect RV.  You need to decide if you are looking for luxury, ease of use, portability.  How many people in your family will make a difference?  The type of camping locations you like to visit.  All these things need to be considered.  So, now are aware of your many choices and some of the features of each one you can narrow your choices down to what is going to work best for you.

How To Change A Tire On An RV

No one likes to have a flat tire, but a little planning will make things go smoother.  Here at Master Automotive Centers we bring you these tips.  First and foremost, here are the tools that you would need in changing Recreational Vehicle Tires. Be certain that you have these tools kept in the toolbox and moreover always have them at the Recreational Vehicle.

  • A good spare tire is among the most crucial things that you really should have in .
  • jack– some would opt for hydraulic jacks given that it is easier to use as opposed to the jack that is produced by the Recreational Vehicle’s manufacturer.
  • Tire wrench– this should be right for the size of the automobile’s tire nut.
  • Last on the list; you will also need a trouble light or flashlight, in case you would be replacing the tires during the night.

Do not be bothered; this will not be as confusing as what people do over at web design.  Now you are ready to replace the tires.

  1. The first step is to have the tire nut wrench to loosen the nut. Make sure that you loosen those nuts just enough in order that it will support the tire as you elevate the vehicle. Then, seek out the spot beneath the Recreational Vehicle’s chassis that is designed to reinforce the jack’s lift. When you are uncertain where to find this, refer to the Recreational Vehicle’s manual for guidance.
  2. Pump the jack until eventually, it reaches the right height that can go with the tires without it having to touch the ground.
  3. Once completed, loosen the tire nuts entirely and get rid of it one at the time, carefully disposing of the flat tire.
  4. Once the flat tire has been taken out, you can now get the spare tire right .
  5. Set the spare tire back on the wheel hub.
  6. And after that, put the tire nuts back one by one. Use the tire wrench to securely tighten the nuts into the tire. Start using the jack to lower the Recreational Vehicle back to the floor.
  7. Then, you can now properly dispose of the jack.
  8. Finally, just to be risk-free tightening up each tire nut till you reach a certain point where it cannot go in any further.

Pat yourself at the back for doing a great job. You have at the moment properly changed the flat tire! The process is applicable to all four sides of the tire. Understanding these small things gives you reassurance that no matter where you are you can adjust the own tire as soon as required without the aid of anyone.

Tips For RV Camping With Pets

Many people travel in recreational vehicles (RV) as it is inexpensive and allows them to visit any place they wish conveniently. Many of those who travel in a RV bring their pet with them, usually a dog or cat, though sometimes they may be a bird or even a rabbit.  Auto Repair San Clemente brings you these tips to make traveling with your pet a better experience for everyone.

Some RV camping grounds do not allow pets, or may impose restrictions, so it is advisable for a vehicle owner with pets to check with the campground before they arrive, so that they do not face any problem while camping.  Many RV campers are using directories to find a suitable camping ground, so it is advisable to check the rules of the ground regarding camping with pets. While some camping grounds do not allow pets at all, other grounds may restrict the size of the pet, for example dogs of weight more than 25 pounds may not be allowed. Many dogs will bark loudly when their owner is away, disturbing others at the camp, so some RV camps will not allow pet dogs. So it is highly recommended that the pet owner contacts the camping site in advance, to check the latest terms and conditions regarding camping with pets. This can ensure that the camper does not waste his time, visiting a camp, only to be turned away due to the pet related rules.

Many of the camps for RVs have sufficient area around the vehicle being parked, which can be used to allow the pet roam freely. The camper can install a temporary fence around the vehicle, so that the pet does not wander away. The camp grounds which allow pets also have an area for the pet potty, and the pet owner is supposed to clean up after the pet. The camper is responsible for the behavior of the pet, so it is advisable to carry a leash, so that the pet does not attack or bite other campers on the ground.

Traveling can be strenuous and tiring for the pet also, so it is advisable to check the health of the pet before taking the pet along for RV travel. It is also recommended that the pet has the necessary vaccinations so that the dog does not fall ill at a later date. It is advisable that the pet has necessary collars and IDs so that if the pet is missing, it is easy to trace the pet.

In many camp grounds, it is not advisable to keep the pet outdoors at night, because wild animals like coyotes may attack and eat the pet so you will want to make plans to have your pet sleep inside your RV or vehicle.

With a little advance research and complying with rules, will make camping with dogs and other pets a pleasant experience for both the owner of the pets and the other campers.

How Often Do I Need To Service The Brakes On My RV?

I have come across RVers who told me that they don’t have their brake systems serviced until they really feel guilty about it. The truth is that when you treat your RV this way, you could be on your way to losing it. In terms of maintenance, an RV is a vehicle like any other. Good maintenance means better service for a longer time. That’s why you should have your brake system serviced at the right time. So, how often do you need to service the brakes on your RV?  The technicians at DJZ Automotive want you to consider the following criteria when deciding for your RV.

If you really want your RV to serve you well, you should have its brakes checked and serviced every year. The most recommended time is actually when you’ve covered just over 6,000 miles or 9,500 kilometers. It also doesn’t matter how often you take your camper out. Even if you drive it once or twice every year, the brakes should be checked at least once every 15 months.

If you think you’ll not remember when to service the brakes, having special self-adjusting RV brakes can be of great help. RVers who have installed self-adjusting models often don’t have to manually adjust their systems. It is also important to note that if most of your trips are during wet weather, the brake systems should be flushed more often.

It is a wise thing to have a professional look at your brakes because you might not have enough experience to do it yourself. In many instances, the brakes of an RV are totally different from those of other vehicles. Still, it is important to know what to look out for because a problem may just come up when you’re out on a trip. Having a regular check on the brakes in between service schedules can help to pinpoint a unique problem the moment it comes up.

Always pay special attention to adjustments, cleaning and inspection. During an inspection, check for cracked, separated or oil-saturated shoe linings. All such linings should be replaced completely. When conducting a routine inspection, make sure the whole assembly is clean and dust-free. If your camper uses a hydraulic system, an inspection should be focused on brake pads, linings, drums and the rotor. These are most prone to wear and tear.

There you have it now. There is actually no best schedule for checking your RV’s brakes. Make it a habit of doing it regularly. For those DIY masters out there, please make sure you have a professional mechanic check the brakes at least once in a year.

4 Great RV Destinations In Mid-western US

Now that you have taken care of all the Auto Repair you are ready to hit the road in your RV, don’t miss out on these 4 great RV destinations in mid-western US. They offer everything that appeals to adventure-seeking RV travelers.    Whether you are looking for a camping ground or simple a place to soak into the beauty of nature while you make some amazing memories, these destinations offer it all.

1.     Mount Rushmore in South Dakota

This is a really a perfect place to explore in your RV along with your little ones. Along with camping, they can also enjoy while they learn something about the American history. The open-air cowboy shows are also some of the attractions which your kids will surely love.   Enjoy some quiet bonding time while you camp along the beautiful mountain meadow of Mount Rushmore. The best day for visiting here is Independence Day when you can experience much more festivities than the normal days. You can also plan a hike to the nearby Black-Hills National Forest. This destination is a perfect combination of nature, history and fun.

2.     Hayward, Wisconsin

If you are looking to spend a fulfilled weekend in a calm and serene atmosphere free from the hustles and bustles of ordinary life, this is a perfect place for you. You will get to experience themed weekend specially designed for families.   While they offer a water park, open movie theatre and DJs, this place also has a capacity to house more than 150 RV for camping along with 31 cabins. You can also rent kayaks and tubes to spend some time exploring the nature in the nearby Namekagon River. This campground has won many awards for its unparalleled amenities and amazing camping experience.

3.     Wilderness State-Park at the Carp Lake, Michigan

Stretched over 10,000 acres, this park is a blessing for all nature lovers. With a phenomenally beautiful sunset view over the lake, you also get to enjoy a hike through the wildlife around it. If you are lucky enough, you can spot some eagles and bears too.    The place accommodates 250 beautiful camping sites with a view of the lake. The constant wind blowing through the lake keeps the campsite bugs free. And like the two we have discussed above, the site equally offers adventurous and intimate camping experience which you can enjoy with your family and loved ones.

4.     Eugene Mahoney State-Park in Ashland, Nebraska

A family oriented park packed with lots of activities for all ages, this park is a must visit for all families on an RV trip.   You can explore its magical waters in slides and pools or take your chances at golfing in the mini-golf course. With tons of entertainment and food options, this state park will surely offer you the pleasant feeling of home away from home.